How To Use a Packaging Tape Dispenser

A packaging tape dispenser is a useful tool when packing items and boxes for moving, traveling, or storage. You will need packaging tape that is durable to hold together, seal, and protect boxes and other items.

There are several kinds of tape that you can load your dispenser with. Pressure sensitive tape or adhesive tape sticks with application pressure and is commonly used in the household, office, or school. It does not need solvent, water, or heat to activate the adhesive. Shipping tape, sealing tape, gaffers tape, and acrylic tape are examples of a pressure sensitive tape. Shipping tapes, much like sealing tapes usually have protective backings for effective sealing. Once you have decided which tape will work best for the kind of packing you need, you need to learn how to load and use the packaging tape dispenser.

Loading the dispenser is easy and can be completed in just a few short steps.

  1. Insert the tape roll onto the dispenser’s core holder in such a way that it unwinds in the direction of the dispenser reel. Secure the tape roll in the core.
  2. Take the end tab of the tape roll and pull it in a downward position through the small space between the packaging tape dispenser roller and shield. Note that there are dispensers with shield. The shield will allow you to pull the tape and allow it to slide through smoothly. Make sure that the adhesive or sticky side of the tape is facing downwards.
  3. The next step is to gently pull the end tab of the tape in an upward movement such that the blade of the dispenser cuts the tape. Always be careful when using the tape dispenser because if proper care is not exercised, the blade can cut through your skin.
  4. You may want to test the tape dispenser to see if you properly installed the tape roll. Just carefully unwind the tape in a small area of the box and use the blade to cut the tape. Just apply a little pressure when using the blade to cut the tape. More pressure is needed depending on the kind of tape you are using. The thicker the material of the tape, the more pressure you will need in cutting it. The thinner the material of the tape, the less pressure you will need in cutting it.
  5. Adjust the placement of the tape by loosening or tightening the clutch or tension adjuster on the tape dispenser. This will enable you to control the dispensing speed according to your liking or preference.
  6. Your packaging tape dispenser is now ready to use. Once you finish loading your tape dispenser, you will find the benefits of owning one. The result is fast and efficient carton sealing.

Make sure to use the right kind of tape and a quality tape dispenser to make packing and sealing easier and more efficient. Having additional tape rolls when packing several items is helpful so that loading a packaging tape dispenser can be done without delay.


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