How To Use a Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing is one of the more popular and easier methods of creating custom tee designs. Wearing the same old generic print shirt designs will be a thing of the past if you learn how to do screen printing right from the comfort of your home.

1. Create your very own basic screen printing machine.

Have a pair of embroidery hoops that are big enough to accommodate your choice of design. Next, get adequate lengths of mesh fabric and position this onto the inner hoop. Replace the outer hoop and lock securely. Tug the fabric gently to make sure it is stretched tight.

2. Outline your choice of design onto your improvised screen printing machine.

Lay the improvised screen printing machine face down and place a copy of the selected design on top. Trace the design onto the mesh carefully using a tailor's marker pen or chalk.

3. Cover the custom tee design outline with fabric glue.

Put the screen printing machine on top of layers of dry newspaper. The next step is to use a spatula to cover the outlines of your custom tee design. For finer lines, you can make use of a paintbrush with thin ends. Make sure that you cover the targeted areas of the design, including the gaps within the design with sufficient amounts of fabric glue. If not then the fabric paint will seep through and ruin your project. Now, leave this whole contraption to dry out completely. You can also utilize a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Just don't position the blow dryer too close to the screen printing machine or you'll spread out the fabric glue too much.

4. Spread over your choice color of fabric paint.

Again, place sufficient layers of old newspapers onto your work table. Place the t-shirt on it and put a thick cardboard in between for the paint to not seep through the t-shirt's back. Then position the screen printing machine on the area where you intend to have the custom tee design printed on. Pour reasonable amounts of the fabric paint onto the screen printing machine and spread the paint over smoothly using your spatula. Once done, simply lift the screen printing machine off the t-shirt. Leave the t-shirt to dry.

Once the t-shirt is completely dry, all that you need to do is to make sure that the custom tee design will stick to the shirt. You do this by getting a clean white paper and placing this on top of the newly printed on design. Finally, glide an iron set to low heat on top of the paper for about 5 minutes. Simply lift the paper up, and you're done!


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