How To Use Coin Books

Placing a value on coins, whether it's an entire collection or just a hand full you found in Grandma's trunk in the attic, is easily done with the use of coin books and internet sites that offer coins for sale. There are also several value guides you can use.

Coin Books

If you have any knowledge of coin collecting then you are familiar with the red and blue coin books that are updated and published yearly. There are many coin books and magazines in circulation which help determine the value of different coins. The most popular coin collection books are the ones published by Whitman. Each hardback folder has an ISBN number and can be purchased at any of the book stores you are familiar with.

The Yeoman coin guides are very simple to use. The coins are divided by denomination and then further divided by the year the coins were minted. There are usually at least three values assigned to each coin and the listings also include notes on any rarer types of the coin or any coins that have been found to be counterfeit or made to look like the original valuable coin.

Simply putting in the words "coin books" in the search bar of your computer will bring up hundreds of websites offering coin books and online value guides. There is no specific way to teach someone to use a coin book. You simply look up the denomination, determine what condition your coin is in, and read the value assigned to that particular coin.

Complete instructions on how to use that particular coin book are normally included in the preface pages. Most books also include a section on error coins, which are coins that were misprinted or were not struck evenly when they were minted.


The American Numismatic Association publishes coin books that explain how to rate the condition of a coin. There are at least thirteen different standard conditions for grading coins. You can use coin books from any publisher or numismatic group and the standards will remain the same.

Whether you use coin books to place values on your own coins, check for different mint marks, or to evaluate a collection, there are plenty of books on the market to help you do just that.

Most coin books are profusely illustrated, making it much easier to identify a coin. You can also use coins books to index the coins in your personal collection.  Mark the listing for each coin you have, thereby creating a permanent record.


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