How To Use Flowers to Make Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpiece is always one of the decorations noticed in a wedding, and that is why most couples try to make it vibrant and beautiful in line with the whole theme of the wedding. Flowers are usually the main ingredient in a wonderful wedding centerpiece and it can be used for various designs such as centerpiece bouquets, flowers floating on water, or single stem flower centerpieces. Use your creativity and imagination and follow these simple steps.

  • Centerpiece bouquets. The most widely used floral centerpieces are bouquets in nature. There are numerous ways to do this. Some people like using an intricate vase to hold the long stem flowers while other people use floral foam placed in a bowl or on a plate. It all depends on what you want. If you use a vase, then the stem cuts should be minimal. Pour some water in the vase and start arranging the flowers starting with the larger ones followed by the fillers. Make sure each side and angle is balanced. If you are going with the floral foam idea, purchase wet floral foam and soak it in water. Place it on a saucer or intricate bowl and start inserting flowers. You will have to cut the stem in sharp angles to fully insert it in the foam. Again, start with the large flowers followed by the flower fillers. Make sure to fill each gap and hole so that the foam will not be visible at any angle.
  • Floating flower centerpieces. This is always a favorite centerpiece for weddings. Get a glass bowl with intricate patterns on it and fill it with water. The bowl should be at least 3/4s full of water. Cut the stems short leaving an inch or two of stem. Place them in the bowl and watch the float. Adding a few lighted tea candles will create a more intimate effect. These centerpiece options are great for evening ceremonies held outdoors like in a beach or garden setting.
  • Single stem centerpieces. Single stem floral centerpieces are classic and elegant. Most formal weddings don’t use this design anymore as they usually end up with the more extravagant centerpieces but a single stem centerpiece design is always a simpler way to pull off a classy and elegant wedding ceremony décor. For this design, you will need a long vase with an intricate design. Pour some water in the vase and insert the flower in it. You may need to cut the stem a little bit but this may not be necessary since you will want 2 to 3 inches of stem peeking out from the vase. A single stem luscious red rose in a white elegant vase is always a favorite.

These are some sample designs of floral centerpieces you can use for your wedding. However, you can be as creative as you want to be. For instance, you can maybe integrate a nice ice sculpture that can hold some flowers or go for a simpler no centerpiece design that inculcates a bunch of flower petals sprinkled on the table where the centerpiece should be.


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