How To Use Fresh Fruit in Floral Arrangements

Various fruits in table

Floral centerpieces are always one of the most noticed decorations in any major event such as a wedding or a ball. Most of the time, these centerpieces are made with pure flowers that exude various scents and colors. If you want to put a unique twist on things, more and more people have been mixing flowers and fruits for centerpieces and this idea can be something you can explore to create some unique decorative centerpieces for your next event. Here are some ideas on the issue.

  • Select flowers and fruits that complement with each other. This aspect of the whole arrangement should be the focal point of anyone wanting to combine fruits and flowers into a wonderful centerpiece. It is critical to use fruits that will supplement the aesthetics of the flower used for the centerpiece. Obviously, this would depend on the season and the type of flowers available for the particular season. A good example of this would be to use lemons and peaches if the flowers used for the arrangement exhibit bright white and yellow shades. If you are using red roses, then the appropriate fruits will be those with a red or maroon shade like apples and cranberries.
  • Placing the fruit. The actual arrangement of the fruits in the centerpiece with flowers is the tough but fun part. These can be done in many ways. For instance, if you are dealing with a bouquet centerpiece, then you will have floral foam inside some kind of bowl with flowers and fillers sticking all around the foam. You can mix this with fruits by placing the bowl on a platter. Arrange the fruits all along the sides of the platter leaning along the sides of the bowl. Well, this is merely one way to do it. There are other arrangements and the placement of the fruits can be altered dependent on the design of the centerpiece and situation of the flowers. You will want to try various positions and arrangements to get the most optimal setting.
  • Use the fruit as the actual centerpiece. This is a unique idea that most floral arrangers never think off. This idea will involve using the fruits as the actual centerpiece that will hold the flowers. Basically, you will need some wire to hold the fruits together. You can form a vase or a bowl with the fruits connected together with the wire. In the center, you can place floral foam soaked in water. This will be hidden from view. Once that is set, stick the flowers into the floral foam and arrange as you see fit.

There are many other ideas but it will all depend on your creativity and imagination. The process will entail experimentation and trial and error until you can get the perfect arrangement. If you want more variation, you can even throw in some vegetables in the mix. It may seem cheesy but if done right, the arrangement will be unique and can look elegant. Make sure to get the opinion of friends and family regarding the different arrangements you try out so that you are aware of what looks good.


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