How To Use GameShark

Anyone who has played a more than average amount of video games has at one point or another enabled a 'cheat'. These are codes that can break a game's rules to give a player an unfair advantage - invulnerability (often referred to as 'god mode'), infinite amount of ammunition, etc. They could also unlock secret sections within a game that were set by the developers as a reward for enthusiasts. They can modify a game's programming to insert gameplay or graphics that would otherwise be absent in normal mode. These cheat codes could be made by the game's developers themselves and activated within the game. They could also be created by third-party programmers, which would require a player to install or execute a separate program that would amend a game's rules.

GameShark is a brand name for a line of cheat code products that can be applied to several types of video game consoles, namely PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance SP, PlayStation Portable, and of course the personal computer. Besides cheat codes, GameShark also offers other game enhancing applications such as 'gamesaves' which allows players to create backup files of their games when they have reached a critical or particularly difficult part. These backup game files could be shared and transferred to another video game console of the same type. Since some video game consoles are actually capable of playing other media such as digital music or video, GameShark also offers software that can enhance a console's media entertainment features.

1. Purchase and plug in a GameShark cheat cartridge.

Some video game consoles use cartridges, and so cheat software can only be run on these consoles through the same device. GameShark cheat cartridges are differentiated by which console it is compatible with, so be sure to buy the right one. Once plugged in, the cheat or modifying software can be easily accessed through the console's interface and game controller.

2. Purchase and load a GameShark disc.

Other video game consoles use either CD or DVD discs. Similar to cheat cartridges, you must buy one that contains cheat software designed for your particular console. Each type of console uses a different operating system. Just as a Windows program will most likely not work on a Mac computer, cheat software for PlayStation 3 may not work in an Xbox 360 console.

3. View the cheats from the GameShark website.

Navigate to the particular section, again divided according to video game console. Pick out the particular game you want to break. In these subsections you can see some cheat codes for particular events or stages within a game. These lists are not as comprehensive as those found in the packaged products. Neither will you find any of the enhancing applications that come with the cartridge or disc.

Besides software that can alter a video game's programming, another way for a player to beat a game is to use 'walkthroughs'. These are expositions of a game's plot and challenges that have been put together by experienced enthusiasts. The GameShark website also publishes walkthroughs on their site.


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