How To Use Halo 2 Power Weapons

To succeed in Halo 2, you need to know how to use power weapons. Power weapons are the one shot, one kill weapons that everyone likes.

  1. When using the sword, get close enough to your opponent so your aimer is red and press the right trigger. You will charge at your enemy and kill him. The sword is one of the most useful weapons because there is no ammo amount. You can use it forever or until you die.

    A good tip when using the sword is to have a far ranged weapon out so when your enemy gets close, hit the Y button to pull out your sword. They won't be expecting the sword and you will kill them instantly. It's pretty much hiding the sword so they don't stay far away from you.

  2. When using the rocket launcher, you want to aim at the enemy's feet. This gives them a low chance to live. The strategy is to jump and then shoot at their feet so you can get an angle at the ground. This will also help you to not kill yourself when shooting this highly explosive weapon. The rocket launcher also helps you kill more than one player due to its size of explosion.
  3. The sniper rifle is the best ranged weapon in the game. One headshot will kill someone instantly. If your team guards you when you have the sniper, you can pretty much be unstoppable - that is, if you don't run out of ammo.
  4. The shotgun is one of the worst ranged weapons in the game. You need to be very close to your enemy to kill them. When the aimer turns red, you may need to get a little bit closer to the person to kill them. A good combination is to shoot your enemy, then press the B button. This will do the melee attack and kill that person.

If your team get all of the power weapons on the map, it is looking good for a win. Power weapons in halo 2 are made for lots of kills.


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