How To Use Hotfix Rhinestones to Make Jewelry

A rhinestone is inarguably attention-grabber.  It is a fabulous thing to behold.  One of its derivatives is slowly gaining popularity – the hotfix rhinestone.  Yes, it is a rhinestone but it has a special backing that is heat-sensitive.  Aside from being a great leather accessory, it is an important component in designing and making jewelry.  Since a hotfix rhinestone has a built-in back adhesive, it does not easily fall off, even when submerged to water.  In short, you can expect it to be long-lasting.  Here are some pointers on how you can use a hotfix rhinestone in making your jewelry:

  • Design your jewelry.  You have to figure out what kind of materials are needed.  How are those materials going to work with a hotfix rhinestone?  What specific kind of hotfix metal will match with a hotfix rhinestone?  What particular shape do you wish to achieve?  Do you need studs or mirrors for the jewelry that you intend to make?  All these are important in finding out if a hotfix rhinestone is going to serve its purpose.
  • Prepare your hotfix setting tool kit.  You can conveniently buy a kit from your nearby craft supply stores.  BeJeweler and Kandi Kane are two of the most trusted manufacturers in the market nowadays.  Get their products for guaranteed quality.
  • Mark your design.  You can place some chalk dots on the actual jewelry where you want to position the hotfix rhinestone and the other accessories.  This procedure allows you to finish your work a lot faster.  You can also attach everything effortlessly.
  • Set your hotfix rhinestone.  Using your hotfix setting tool kit, begin to attach your hotfix rhinestone.  Look for the flat tip.  Permit the tool to warm or heat up.  That usually takes between six and eight minutes.  Be cautious here.  You should not touch your setting tool, particularly its tip.  It can be likened to a soldering iron.  The tip of the setting tool can readily burn your skin.
When the setting tool is hot enough, get the hotfix rhinestone that you want to add or attach.  You need to hold it firmly while you are heating it.  Make sure that its back is facing up.  You should heat it for about five or ten seconds.  Then, attach it directly onto your jewelry.  You should position the hotfix rhinestone according to your design.
  • Incorporate the remaining pieces.  You also need to heat the adhesive for them.   Use glue.  You need to heat it for about three or ten seconds.  You know it is ready if you begin to see some bubbles. Quickly attach the other pieces onto the garment, again positioning them according to your design. 

In finalizing your design, see to it that the hotfix rhinestone becomes the centerpiece.  You don’t want to use a good decorative loosely.  A hotfix rhinestone certainly draws attention.  If you are able to highlight it in your design, then, your project has better chances of being noticed by discriminating eyes.  Think about it.


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