How To Use Playstation Game Cheats

When you’re already frustrated in button mashing for hours on end and you’re still not getting through the final boss of your combat game, you’re probably going to be tempted to use your Sony Playstation game cheats. Whatever game you’re playing, there’s probably a Playstation game cheat code lying around somewhere that could really help you out. Cheat codes are programmed into the games by the people who made it so that they could serve as “easter eggs” that could be use to change up the gaming experience as well as create a new way to play the game.

Game cheats are quite easy to find nowadays. Any quick search using a search engine would yield millions of results. The best sites for these are the most established ones like GameFAQs You could also check the blogs and online forums that are dedicated to the gaming scene. These websites exist because they have the support of a community so it’s a good deal to have the insights and opinions of an entire group of people be condensed and propagated in just one virtual cyber venue.

Once you have your codes, you have to learn how to use them. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Try to finish the game without using cheat codes first. Remember, the game was meant to be played and enjoyed in this state without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Don’t you think that the glory of victory would be sweeter and more special if you can finish the game without cheating. If you’re ready to throw the towel, get the codes.
  2. Certain codes would have to be entered at a special section of the game menu. This would usually be in a part of the menu that says “specials”, “bonus” or “codes”. These codes are hard wired into the game by the programmers so that you can experience the game in a totally different way. For instance, you can have infinite lives, hit points, bullets or whatever in a certain game. The cheat codes could also be a bit more subtle – like changing the environment of the game with a few tweaks in the environment. Some soccer games would allow you to use players with big heads, have a bowling ball for the soccer ball or even play under water! These modes were incorporated to make the game even more fun.
  3. Some codes would have to be entered in the main screen. Just like in older consoles, you may have to enter a series of buttons to activate the desired cheat. Most of the time, a sound clip is played to let you know that you have entered the right code.
  4. Test out the game to see if your code was correctly input. If it’s still not working, start over and make extra sure that you do it right this time.

If you really want to beat a game so badly, there are always cheat codes that could absolutely help you out. Just don’t use them if you’re playing with others – it would make you look absolutely ridiculous.


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