How To Use Rubber Stamps for Invitations

An invitation that is personally made makes an occasion special. More so if the invitation is done unconventionally using rubber stamps. Whether it may be wedding invitations or birthday invitations, rubber stamps never fail to give invitations an ornate and unique appeal.

Here are steps on how to use rubber stamps for invitations:

  1. Get some inspiration. You can get awesome rubber stamp ideas from various craft magazines and online rubber stamp galleries. You can also personally go to a craft store to view different stocks of paper and cards. Make a mental note of the styles per occasion and also remember the font styles and color scheme used in some invitations. Knowing your material and layout will give you the inspiration on what rubber stamp style to use.
  2. Pick rubber stamps that complement the theme of the occasion. Most occasions nowadays follow a specific theme. This means that from the invitations to the place holders and even on to the accessories used, everything is well-coordinated. Make sure that your stamps, inks, and other materials will not contrast the overall theme of the occasion.
  3. Go personal. Find a craft company that offers customized rubber stamps to make your finished products more unique and personal. It is better if you have a design of your own and have them make the stamp for you.
  4. Get only the best materials. Do not think so much about the cost that will pile up once you make the invitations especially if these are for once in a lifetime invitations. What is a pretty rubber stamp design if the paper is not made of the best material?
  5. Ready, set, go! Now that you have your materials, this is where the action begins. Place the blank invitation card on a clean surface. Ink your rubber stamp well by pressing it on the ink pad. Before stamping it on your blank invitation card, take time to blot it on scratch paper to remove excess ink. Press the rubber stamp on your target spot. Be careful in lifting the stamp so as not to spread the ink and destroy the design.
  6. Decorate your card. You may use other rubber stamp designs in decorating your invitation card. You may even use rubber stamp to write words on the card. Just make sure that all of the rubber stamp designs that you have pressed look well together.
  7. Cover when needed. Now, just in case you fail to press the rubber stamp firmly on the paper to fully imprint a design with ink, do not repeat the procedure. You will just destroy the design with blotches. Use markers of the same color to cover up the troublesome spots.

Rubber stamping is not even a difficult craft project to do. But as with any other craft, practice and planning are keys to achieve the best results.


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