How To Use Slide Film

Slide film is a special type of film used in photography that creates an image on a sheet called a transparency. The image it produces on the transparent sheet is in full color. Slide film is commonly known as reversal film. It is mostly used for image projection with the use of a device called a slide projector. Its main purpose is to allow an image to be seen in a large venue. Slide films may come in roll films, sheet films and the most common 35mm single slides.

Slide films are also used in print media. This is because it produces a higher image resolution than exposure films and color films. It is also used as motion picture film due to the better images it produces compared to negatives film. One of the types of slide films was introduced by Eastman Kodak Company and was called Kodachrome film. It comes in 16mm for movie films and 35mm for photo cameras. Kodachrome uses a special type of slide processing wherein the color dyes are only added after processing.

Here are some tips on how to use slide film.

  1. Do not expose the slide film to direct light. Slide films can be very sensitive to temperature and light. Overexposure can affect the outcome of the produced image. It is advisable to use the slide film soon after purchase. If the film will not be used immediately, keep it in a cold place like a freezer. This is also good practice to maintain the quality of the film, even if it is past its expiration date. When ready to be used, try to load it in an area where there are minimal light sources. This is done to ensure the slide will produce a high quality image and color.
  2. Choose the slide film suitable for your needs. There are several types of slide films for different conditions. Outdoor photo shoots require a different type of slide film as opposed to an indoor photo shoot. The outdoors with bright light exposure requires a slide film with a lower ISO, what they call a Slow Film. This type of film has a slower exposure that works well with creating a sharp image on a very bright background. Indoor photo shoots require a slide film that works well with the subject's color rendition. On the other hand, low light scenery like nighttime scenes need a special type of slide film called Fast Film. It enables the film to capture more light to capture the night scene with enough exposure.
  3. Learn how to develop slide film on your own. Most photography shops offer do-it-yourself kits to develop your own slide film. This is more convenient, for there are fewer shops that develop this type of photographic film these days; and because of this, the cost may also be higher than developing regular negatives.

There are a lot of things to consider when using slide film. With the help of these tips, using slide film to produce pictures can be a very easy task.


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