How To Use Stock Art

Stock art is very helpful, but to learn how to properly integrate it into a piece that you can truly call your own you must be a true artist. A lot of artists use technology to create different types of art. There are artists who make digital art by using programs, and photographers also use photo editing programs so that they can make improvements on the photos that they take. Some artists contribute their work to stock art websites so that other people can use their art as art resources for different purposes.

Some of the uses of stock illustrations include editorials, fine art prints, catalogues, magazines, websites and many more. Of course, artists want to be recognized and get paid for the artwork that they provide. In a stock gallery, the illustrations that are provided can be used according to licensing. The people have an option to choose photos that are royalty free or rights managed.

These are some of the ways on how you can use stock art, depending on its license:

•    Royalty free. Royalty free is a type of licensing that exists between the creator of the art and the user of the art. There are rules on how the art can be used but the user of the art does not need to pay any additional royalties when using the artwork.

To use a royalty free artwork, you have to pay a fee for one time only before you can use it. After that, you can use the artwork whenever and wherever you wish as long as you abide by the guidelines of the creator of the artwork. For royalty free images, the creator of the artwork can sell the artwork several times. This is because no one is really the sole owner of the artwork.

For a royalty free image, there is a term that they call the print run. The print run pertains to the number of copies that the buyer can use the artwork that was purchased royalty free. That is why pictures that are bought royalty free are only advisable to use in a personal website or a flyers with limited copies.

•    Rights managed. The other type of licensing for stock photos is rights managed. Rights managed images can also be called licensed images. For this type, the fee for using the artwork is determined on how it will be used and for what purpose. Some of the uses of rights managed images are for advertisements, editorials, billboards, newspapers and more.

There are also other guidelines that should be followed when working with a rights managed photo. These are the duration of the use for the artwork, the print run, where it will be used (countries or regions), the industry where it will be used or if the photo is exclusive or non-exclusive. All these should be clearly stated in an agreement between the buyer and the seller.

These are the two uses of stock art. When browsing for shared art in stock art websites, you can view the images based on the licensing that you want to purchase. There are a lot of stock art websites on the Internet where you can find thousands of photos from different artists around the world.  If you've gone through a great online design program, you may even want to create and offer your own stock art to others!


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