How To Use Sunflowers in Wedding Arrangements

An old proverb once said that a wedding won’t be complete without carrying “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. True to form, this old saying simply suggests the future brides need to carry all the necessary good luck tokens, which symbolize a prosperous marriage right ahead. For a great wedding day to be possible, every little detail must be given equal consideration, including the main theme and the wedding arrangement itself. While couples plan and prepare on their big day differently, it cannot be denied that they want to make it more than just an afternoon of exchanging vows, and instead turn it into a memory that would last a lifetime. Aside from the much anticipated bridal gown, members of the entourage and the chosen location for the event, what would truly highlight the occasion is the flower arrangement. Choosing rarely used flowers for weddings such as sunflowers can give a distinctive mood for a unique and solemn ceremony.

Flowers ideal for wedding events. There is no denying that flower arrangement is the most significant accessory as well as the largest expense of the entire wedding decorations, besides hiring an in demand wedding planner or coordinator. Usually, the bride picks her flowers as the main concept and the rest of the affair particulars follow from that initial choice. Roses, orchids and lilies are just some of the favorites for wedding selections available all year long. While roses are the all-time most famous for weddings due to its color and symbolic meaning, sunflowers are actually beginning to enter the same level of demand just like this special breed of “American Beauties”.  Although most professional florists highly recommend the use of assorted flowers for the centerpieces, table decors and aisle garlands, sunflowers can actually stand out when mixed with carnations and gardenias. Including it in the wedding bouquet as opposed to the common use of red or pink blooms would surely give a more vibrant mood to the wedding.

Sunflowers: Stepping up your motif to another level.  Whether you are planning on something lavish or just keeping it frugal, one thing is a must in coming up with such memorable events and that is to leave a very good impression on the guests through an enticing ambiance. Symbolizing joy, peace and happiness, sunflowers can truly light up the atmosphere in more ways than one. Since they come in a wide array of colors ranging from creamy white Italian, a deep burgundy autumn flower, and up to the common brilliant yellow, it is best to pick your favorite and mix them up with a bit of the other sunflowers. A dazzling bunch of sunflowers go a long way toward making a huge impact as their radiant appeal makes them the perfect ornament to use as centerpieces in any special occasion. With its array of sizes and shapes, you can easily design your own bouquet and place it right away on tables or hang them on the walls.

With so many possible arrangements that can be done with regards to the table decors, experimenting different styling designs using sunflowers can actually bring out the couple’s creativity, all while giving the wedding a more personalized touch. Roses are red while violets are blue but with the elegance and sophistication of sunflowers, a colorful wedding event will surely be a treasured milestone worth cherishing.


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