How To Use the Coluzzle Cutting System

One of the most popular hobbies today is scrapbooking. What has made scrapbooking so popular is its flexibility and ease. You can use the scrapbook to preserve almost any event and memory that is special to you and you can create a scrapbook on almost any kind of theme. You can create a scrapbook for your favorite holiday, your children, your favorite city, or anything else that whets your fancy. To help you decorate your scrapbooks, use the Coluzzle cutting system. Here’s how.

  • Paper. First of all, you will need to determine the type of paper that you want to use. The Coluzzle itself will give almost any type of paper a special appearance, because of the many fun shapes that the Coluzzle comes in. however; choosing a sheet of paper made of good fibers and with a good color and print will definitely make the Coluzzle cutout even more fun and interesting. Place the paper on top of a mat that will protect the surface of the table where you are working, and then place the Coluzzle template on top.
  • Swivel knife. Next, take the swivel knife and carefully position it on top of the slits. The slits are located on the Coluzzle template, usually near the top of the template, just before the part of the template where the Coluzzle patterns are placed.
  • Press. Once you have placed the swivel knife, the next step is to apply pressure. Press the knife and push it down onto the paper. Make sure that you also guide the Coluzzle knife into the pattern on the template, so that you will end up with a clean cut. If you do not guide the knife, some sections of the paper may end up uncut. It will be difficult to replace the pattern on top of the half-cut paper, since getting the pattern to overlap on exactly the previous spot on top of the paper is difficult.
  • Cleaning. Once you have finished cutting the paper with the Coluzzle, the next step is to remove the template from the paper. You will notice that the paper is already cut, but that there are little segments of paper remaining. These segments will still connect the paper cuts. You will need to take a pair of scissors or a very sharp cutter and use it to cut off the segments, while maintaining the shape that the Coluzzle is trying to make.
  • Placement. After you have cleaned out the cutouts, you can then place the Coluzzle cutouts on the scrapbook page that you are working on. There are many types of Coluzzle cutouts to choose from, but if you want to have more design options while scrapbooking, you should experiment with new paper patterns. You can also try working with sheets of paper that have texture. Or, you can also buy new patterns that you can use with your Coluzzle set.

Through these steps, you should be able to use the Coluzzle Cutting system to create paper cutouts that you can use to decorate your scrapbooks.


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