How To Use the Distress Ink Background Scrapbooking Technique

Gone were those days when photographs and other printed memorabilia were merely pasted on the classic photo albums. Nowadays, scrapbooking is the in thing.  More and more people are now opting to preserve their precious photographs, stamps, old movie tickets and other printed items that hold fond memories, in scrapbooks. Although there are ready to use scrapbooks sold around, nothing beats a self-made scrapbook because it is more meaningful and artistic.

Since your scrapbook is meant to keep your priceless souvenirs, then you might as well pour your creativity in it by using the Distress Ink background.

There are several ways by which you can incorporate the Distress Ink background in your scrapbook pages. You can use a rubber stamp if you want to achieve a more toned look than the regular ink. You can also highlight the edges of each page with Distress Ink to create a frame with a “have seen better days” look for old photographs.

Another way to use Distress Ink in scrapbooks is by brushing it on the surface of the items (old coins, cards, etc) to give a distinctly stained appearance. The more stained the items, the more ancient they appear.  Or, to use a popular technique—you can fashion a crumpled impression by actually crumpling a piece of paper. After it is crumpled, roll the paper out and brush the Distress Ink over it. The uneven paint produces a worn in effect and makes your scrapbook jive with the idea that indeed, life, as seen through the memorabilia, has gone through a lot of wear and tear not to mention the countless ups and downs. Evocative, isn’t it?

Here are a few more ways of using the Distress Ink background:

  • Use a hot iron over a dried painted paper to give it an embossed result.
  • Tint your photos by dipping a spatula on the ink and very gently running it over the photo a few times. You have to be particularly careful not to overdo this one, especially when you are using old photographs taken by film cameras. But if you are using ones taken by digital cameras, then there is no problem because you can always reprint the pictures if the procedure yields bad results.
  • If you want to minimize the color of a painted paper, run a few sprays of alcohol to dissolve the color and make it lighter.
  • Distress Ink can be used also with other materials such as cloth or other things that you want to give that aged look.

The Distress Ink technique is one of the most well used scrapbooking techniques and there are endless ideas on how to use it effectively and artistically. The suggestions here may or may not work for you. The best way therefore is for you to experiment by yourself. Take extra care though that your experiment will not damage precious stuff that you intend to keep in your scrapbook. Good luck!


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