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For many students, one of the first challenges is to be able to create a well written classification essay. While an article as simple as a blog can be considered as an essay itself, in school as well as in business, an essay report needs to be written in a more organized manner to create the academic essay, the analytical essay, or even the speech essay. To create your own classification essay, the most important idea to understand is the principle of classification. Here are the steps to using the main principles of classification.

  • One principle. Begin with only one principle. This single principle should be chosen very carefully, and should be able to act as the over-arching theme for the entire essay. In other words, the primary principle should be able to cover all of the items that will be found in the essay. A tip to ensuring that you will be able to find a single overarching principle is to choose topics that have limited scope. The limited scope is not a limitation itself, since it is also a sign that your essay has a focus. When choosing to study the animals, for instance, you can particularize by choosing a particular type of animal, such as birds. This will be the topic of your essay, and shall be the over-arching principle for classification. Otherwise, you will tend to hop haphazardly from one unrelated issue to another, such as jumping from whiles to blue jays and then to arachnids.
  • 3-4 subgroups. Once the main principle has been created, the next step is to create three or four subgroups that will tackle the main principle of classification. Less than three subgroups and the classification will be weak and may be too simple a topic to talk about. More than four classifications, however, can be too cluttered. Keep in mind, however, that it is better to have fewer functional subgroups than unnecessary subgroups. The lesser the subgroups you have means that you have more successfully categorized the items. Be sure not to force unrelated items to a particular subgroup just to make it look as if you have classified it. In some instances, you will actually encounter outliers in the principle that will need to be classified on a category or class of its own.
  • Equal development. When you are actually writing the classification essay, the main principle should be discussed first and foremost. Treat this as the subject, and show how it comes to be the overarching principle of the rest of the subgroups. Otherwise, there is a tendency for the reader to not immediately realize the relation between the groupings and the principle. After the principle has been elaborated on, move on to the subgroups. These should be developed equally as much as possible. Do not focus too much on one topic while neglecting another. Be sure not to talk unnecessarily, however, just to equalize the length of the paragraphs. When talking about equal development in the essay, you have to develop it equally in terms of content and not simply word count.

By being able to master the classification essay, you will be able to handle any type of written essay. Whether for college or for working in a research center or even for making reports for your company, the classification essay is a crucial skill to learn.


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