How To Use Tools and Supplies in Upholstery Work

Upholstery work is a kind of work in which a person adds detail to different furniture like beds, sofas, and chairs. They also modify them by putting seat covers or leathers, as well as padding.

Upholstery products are categorized based on four different areas. These are the frame, the spring system, the cushioning and the cover. The frame is considered as the body or skeleton of the furniture. The spring system is a furniture layer designed to maintain the stability of the frame. Cushioning is the layer that provides comfort. It is usually made of bonded foams or cotton. The cover is the outer layer of the furniture. It may be made into different materials. Examples of these materials are cotton, leather or polyester.

Products made by upholstery makers are commonly used at home, but they can also be used as office furniture.

Cleaning is one of the problems commonly experienced in upholstery furniture. Dry cleaning is one of the methods used to clean upholstery furniture. Nowadays, upholstery furniture can be cleaned with vacuums. This is also used in carpet care and carpet cleaning as well as with drapery cleaning. It works by sucking the dust particles on the surface of carpets, drapes and upholstery furniture and placing them into a bag.

Upholstery work is considered as one of the most versatile jobs because of the possibility of exploring different areas. Upholstery work can either be automotive, which deals with car seats and covers and it can also be commercial.

Upholsterer is the term used for a person doing upholstery work. Being an upholsterer is somehow related to interior designing. This is because both of them deal with design. An upholsterer deals with designing furniture while an interior designer is the one who deals with what looks best inside a resident or establishment.

There are different supplies and tools needed for upholstery. Below are examples and their uses.

  1. Staple gun. This works as a regular stapler, the only difference is that this gun is used for stapling upholstery to wood.
  2. Staple remover. This is designed and created to easily remove staples if there is a need to reupholster the furniture.
  3. Staple lifter. This is an alternative to the staple remover and it works the same way.
  4. Webbing stretcher. This is used before permanently putting the staple to ensure that the seat webbing is tight and stretched.
  5. Mallet or hammer. This is used for hammering nails into the wood.
  6. Upholstery pins. This is used to hold the fabric while sewing it.
  7. Rippling chisel. This is used  to straighten up ripples on the fabric.
  8. Needle. This is used to connect two pieces of wood together to form the frame.

Upholstery work is a job that requires skill, critical judgment and a lot of patience. Upholstery work has been vastly evolving that upholstery products tend to look better and better and at the same time become more efficient. It has been a custom that if you want to become an upholsterer, you have to learn and work at the same time.


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