How To Use Wire Clip Photo Holders

Set of three memo holders

A picture paints a thousand words. Families love to take snapshots and keep these pictures to preserve memories. You put photos in albums or photo frames, stick them onto the fridge with magnets, or just tuck them in your desk. If you want to truly showcase a picture, then a photo frame is probably the best option. However, overly decorative photo frames tend to take too much space on your desk. For this purpose, a wire clip photo holder is probably best. They are artsy and you can show more photos using less space.

Wire clip photo holders are useful, but can sometimes be inconvenient to use, because of the extra effort involved in assembling your photos in such a way that they look nice, and don’t fall off.

Size of the photograph.  Before you go off and buy a wire clip photo holder, you need to make sure that you do not buy a wire clip photo holder that’s too small or too big for your photos. Therefore, you should first measure the pictures you want to clip on the wire clip photo holder, so that you know exactly what size the wire clip photo holder should be.

Where to place your wire clip photo holder. You can place the photo holder in your bedroom, your office desk, or the living room side table. However, make sure that the style matches the environment in which you will place your wire photo holder. As a tip, you can actually use wire clip photo holders to hold your memos and sticky notes or business cards, instead of photos. This is particularly useful at the office or the study, when you need quick access to notes or contact numbers.
Leave space between the wires. Wire clip photo holders are made from wire clips. These wires are easy to bend and twist. This is why they can be transformed into any shape. Wire clip photo holders have a sturdy base with a wire clip protruding from it. The wire clip is then curled and twisted to hold the photo, usually in a spiral shape, as this is the easiest shape to make with the wire clip.

To insert a photo in the spiral use your fingers to pry at the individual wires of the spiral, making some space so that the photo can be easily slid in. After inserting the photo press the spiral back, to hold the photo in place.

Cleaning you wire clip photo holder. The best way to clean a wire photo holder is with a soft, damp rag. Be sure to dry it off completely, as any residual moisture might cause the metal to corrode. Metal cleaners will also do, and these will give your wire photo holder some shine and sheen.

Wire clip photo holders are very convenient, and the flexibility of the wire makes it easy to transform it into any shape you want. Wire clip photo holders make for a good display and a functional ornament at the home or office.


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