How To View Files from a Memory Stick on Your PSP

The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is a device where you can play your favorite games and listen to your favorite music. It was first developed in the United States in 2005. Since then, Sony has continued to innovate and enhance the PSP system to give their users all the things they need in one device.

Before, the primary use of PSP was to entertain users with games and music but now you can do a lot of things with your PSP. You can view your photos, connect to the internet with the use of a wireless connection, watch and store your favorite movies with the use of a memory stick.

A memory stick is Sony’s version of the flash memory card. It is a small chip where you can save and store your favorite photos, movies and videos depending on the memory capacity of your memory card. It’s a very handy microchip considering the large files that it can accommodate. But how can you view your files from a memory stick with the use of your PSP if you are not familiar with the PSP’s interface? Here’s how to get started.

Insert the memory stick on your PSP. Before you can view a file that you want to see, you need to place your memory card in your PSP device slot. Your PSP device slot can be found on the left side of your PSP. If you are not familiar with this yet you can look for the word memory stick indicated near the opening. Gently put the memory card inside your PSP device slot and push it gently so the memory card will be in its proper position. 

After putting in the memory card, slide the power switch of your PSP to turn it on. As soon as your PSP opens, it must identify the memory card that you’ve placed. Your PSP will immediately ask you if you want to format your memory card. Select the word no. Note that if you have stored files on your memory card from your other electronic devices, and you press OK, all your files will be deleted. So make sure to understand and read all the questions on your PSP device.

View your file. Now that your memory card is already in your PSP slot device, press the home menu and choose the icon for the photos. Press the symbol for memory that is being shown on your PSP screen. Select the X button to validate your selected item and see the file of your photo stored on your memory stick. 

Pick the folder that your want to open and push the X button so you can view your photo. If you want to open another file go back to the main menu and repeat the process.

Viewing files from a memory stick with the use of your PSP is just a click away and will only take a couple of minutes especially if you are an internet savvy person. So have fun and enjoy viewing all your photos while listening to your favorite music to reminisce and bring back all the good memories.


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