How To View Film Negatives

A lot of professional photographers prefer to use film negatives to produce high quality pictures once they are developed. Some also prefer to have their photos taken with a film camera rather than a digital one, due to their durability. Photos developed with the use of negative film do not suffer from a reduction of quality even when they are exposed.

Also, if you lose your photo or accidentally wet your photo, you can still recopy your photo with the use of your negative. But what if you have too many stored negatives and you want to reproduce a photo which was taken during your wedding ceremony years and years ago? How can you view the film negative and know the correct negative film that you want to reproduce? Here’s how you will do it.

Proper holding of the film negative: Like any other object you must take care and store your film negative so it will not be exposed to sunlight and other chemicals. A film negative is very sensitive and delicate so extra care is needed once you are holding it. The proper way of holding the film negative is to grasp the film negative on the edges. Avoid touching the surface of the negative. It’s better if you are wearing gloves before touching the negative film.

Touching negative film without a glove will leave a fingerprint on the negative and might ruin the negative, making it impossible to print the photo. Also, in holding the negative, do not grasp the negative too tightly because you may bend and fold the film which will greatly damage it. Film negatives are susceptible to lint and dust; that is why keeping it in a closed storage is very important.

If you have a lot of negatives and you want to preserve and protect it from lint, you can buy a solution on a photo shop. Upon buying the solution put a small amount of solution to the clean white cloth and carefully dab it on the negative. Make sure to follow the instructions stated in the label so you will not ruin the negative film.
View film negatives. Now that you know the proper holding of film negatives you can now view the negative with the use of a lighted magnifier. If you don’t have a lighted magnifier you can go to a darkroom so you can fully view the image. Carefully view the photos and select a photo that you want to reprint.

Younger generations may not be fully aware of the importance of the negative film, as digital cameras are now the de facto standard in photography. The digital camera may have very good image quality once it is developed, but it cannot be reproduced once the photo is accidentally deleted, or if the camera breaks down. So keeping a film negative is the best way to preserve your photo and knowing the correct way of holding the photo is the best way to view your photo that you want to reprint.      


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