How To Wet Sand Plastic Model Cars

Plastic model cars or plastic miniature cars are commonly used by hobbyists as well as designers to help their clients imagine what their cars will look like once they come off the production line. The benefits of using the model cars are numerous: they are relatively cheap to produce, don't take as much time to put together, and are easy to do over when the client wants changes to be made.

The plastic models also help the designer and the manufacturer test their designs on their target markets, thus speeding up development time and increasing their ability to predict which of their cars will be hits.

Many manufacturers prefer plastic model cars used in conjunction with the wet sand method because of the added convenience of being able to remodel and repair the original plastic car model. The wet sand method is a system wherein you correct or polish your original plastic model cars to produce perfect plastic models. If you are just new to wet sanding, and you are interested in learning about it, here are the things that you need to do and know.

Prepare you materials. In order to start your wet sand method you will need a wet sand paper, preferably the 400-grit variety, and foam which you will use for wrapping the sand paper. Make sure that these materials are with you before you start so you can concentrate on the area that you want to improve.

Wet sand plastic model cars: To begin correcting your plastic model cars with the use of the wet sand technique, wash your original car model with soap and mild water. Do this as quickly as you can in order not to soak your model car to the point of breaking it. Do not leave the car model longer in the water because water may accumulate in the inner portion of your model, which may take a long time to completely dry off.

Put the sandpaper under the foam. The foam will serve as moulding material to the sandpaper as you sand them. Put the sand paper carefully on you model car applying very low pressure in holding it. But because of the low pressure, it will take you a long time to sand your model. Please note that the lower the pressure you hold your model car, the better. Scrub the sand paper on your model car in a circular direction.

When sanding, increase water flow to the model car to eradicate any debris on your model. At the same time make your model lubricated while sanding. Put warm water in the spray bottle and spray it on your car model to completely remove all the debris without damaging you model car.

Creating a perfect plastic model car will take a long time to master. Creativity and determination are needed in developing your plastic car model. And as you continue the journey of creating your design, you can use the wet sand method to correct any mistake that you make along the way.


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