How to Win at Slots: Understanding How Online Slots Work

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There are hundreds of myths surrounding casinos, specifically, slot machines.

A popular one among players and skeptics alike is that online slots are fixed.

Still, players spin the reels hoping to win, without necessarily knowing much about online casinos or even how slot machines work.

Here is the low down on how online slots works, where to play online slots and how to win at slots.

To start off, let’s answer the main question: How do slot machines work?

How Slots Machines Work

Each online game has a computer that generates numbers randomly.

These random numbers are generated every millisecond, every single day. This function ensures that the system is not fixed and that it remains above board.

This number randomization system is used in all licensed casinos and in all slots to ensure a fair play.

Because the computer system is random and is generating numbers at such high speeds, previous spins cannot affect the winning sequence.

Slots Have No Memory

It’s the same as flipping a coin. Flipping tails the first three times is not likely to give heads a higher odd on the 4th time.

In the same way, a slot that has recently paid a jackpot has the same odds of paying had the jackpot not been won.

Winning is therefore dependent on luck and on mathematical equations. Once you spin the reel, what determines your win or loss is the random number generator (RNG).

When you spin the reel, the slot’s RNG puts out numbers-hundreds of them per second.

When you click your mouse, the number that’s on screen at the split second you click determines the symbols the reels land on. The second you click the mouse is the only action on your part that affects the outcome.

The slots are not pre-programmed to pick pre-determined outcomes.

Further, a machine cannot be due to pay out a jackpot. Because of the randomization, again, you can only win if you pull the numbers.

Video slot games are more or less the same.

However, they allow for more creativity in their design and begin with a short video about the game.

Just like reel slots, they use RNG as well. The playing process remains the same as with reel slots.

Types of Online Slots

There are several types of slots, each with different jackpot amounts, playing costs and reels.

These factors also determine their complexity or ease of winning and the likelihood as well. The following are some of them.

1. Three-Reel Slots

These are also referred to as classic slots.

These games have three turning reels with one to three pay lines. They are not expensive to play, and have low jackpot payouts as well, ranging between a few hundred to $1000.

2. Five-Reel Slots

The more reels you get, the higher the jackpot amount.

Consequently, the harder it is to play and the costlier it gets.

A five-reel machine typically has 10- 50 play lines. The cost of plating the five reel slots will cost you more because players have more play lines.

For these slots, the jackpots are in the thousands, dependent on the maximum stake and the number of play lines.

3. Seven-Reel Slots

This slot is fairly new and relatively more complex than the three and five reel slots.

Play lines can be above fifty and jackpots in five figures.

They are not popular because they are expensive to play, and thus not considered to be value for money.

4. Bonus Slots

Most players go for machines that offer the possibility of a bonus round.

These tend to be on five and seven reel slots. A bonus round is offered when the machine draws three or more wild symbols.

Once you have this, it can go several ways:

  • A player is tasked with a series of choices, include the choice to win extra cash
  • A player is asked to engage in a sport or film

Bonus slots pay up to six figures, and most of them give players free spins as well.

5. Progressive Slots

Progressive slots pool a percentage from all the players participating online.

When a player draws the progressive combination, the payout is between $50,000 to millions of dollars. However, in addition to hitting the progressive combination, a player has to wager the maximum.

Aside from the progressive, there are other ways to win on these slots as some machines have three to four progressives.

If you cannot put up the maximum wager, its best to play nonprogressive slots that will offer you better value for money. They also have a better chance of winning.

Approaching Online Slots

According to VIPCLUB777, the best way to approach online slots is to play in free mode first. This will give you a feel of the individual games before you settle on one.

When you do start playing with real money, only play with an amount you can afford to lose.

However, it is still stressful to lose money, more so, several times in a row. For this reason, it’s important to have strategies to help you cope with stress.

How to Win at Slots

This is the juicy bit you have all been waiting for.

As you might know, slots are largely dependent on luck. However, being strategic about the games you pick and getting some insider expert tips can push things along.

So here are a few pointers:

Find No Deposit Bonus Codes

These are like coupons that allow you to play for free.

How does this help you win?

Bonus codes give you free games that give you the possibility of winning and take out the risk of losing money.

Further, they allow you to play many games, dependent on how many bonus codes you gather. This increases your possibility of winning without losing a single cent.

Find a Loose Slot

Let’s begin this with a disclaimer: this is not tried and tested to be true, but seasoned players swear by it.

This is how it goes.

A machine with a few buttons missing or with a loose slot tends to pay out more often. Again, no harm in trying, right?

Pick Random over Progressive Machines

Random jackpots are fixed while progressive jackpots depend on pooled funds.

Your odds at winning are better with the former than the latter, even though the latter has a much higher payout.

Pick Machines with Free Spins

Again, a slot that allows you to play for real money without spending a dime is heaven sent.

Look for these slots and hope to get a free spin. The more you play, the higher your odds at winning.

If you can increase your odds for free, why not?

Don't Just Win, but Win Big

While any win is welcome. You want to win big.

For this to happen, pay attention to where you play as much how you play.

Brick and mortar establishments have lower payouts thanks to overheads and operational costs.

Online slots lack this hang-up and are therefore able to put up bigger payouts.
Still, all online slots are not equal, do a comparative study to see the margins and pick those with high margins.

 Consider Volatility

Most machines have a volatility ranking.

A high volatility machine pays a fewer number of times, but when it does, it pays big.

A low volatility pays more often, but in smaller amounts. Here, your personality determines which machine to pick.

If you are more of a small, consistent wins person, then a low volatility machine will do it for you.

Pick Games with Small Jackpots

Games with small jackpots are easier to play and take a shorter period of time. They are also cheaper.

This means you can cram in more games in a shorter period, you can afford more chances and you actually have a shot at winning.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

It’s important to play with an attitude of having fun rather than winning.

This takes away your attachment to winning which can become obsessive and lead to addiction.

Similarly, it’s crucial to set aside a budget before each gaming session.

The amount should be money set aside for entertainment so that you are not taking away from important stuff.

When you exhaust the kitty, walk away. Resist the urge to borrow to fund one more game.

Knowing when to stop is just about one of the most important measure you can have in online casinos.

All in All

Online slots are quite enjoyable. And even more enjoyable when you have practical tips on how to win at slots.

When you are able to exercise control about the time and money you can spend on online games, then you can safely enjoy it and use it as a way to decompress from the stresses of life.

Having a hobby or a rejuvenating form of entertainment can make you more productive at work, happier and even prevent stress.

Our blog covers numerous other hobbies for you to explore. If you are on the lookout for something interesting to do, read more here.


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