How To Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane

A gift basket is a good gift idea.  Although it does not hold an element of surprise in unraveling the gift, many people still find the gift basket unique and awesome.  Read on and find out how you can wrap a gift basket using cellophane.

  • You will need to cut the cellophane about two and half times bigger than the size of the basket that you are going to use. This will look like it is doubled over, but don't worry cutting it that way. It's always better to work with bigger sizes and cut off the excess part than a size or two smaller and you will have to do it over again.
  • Open the cellophane and spread it on a surface. Place the center of the gift basket in the center of the cellophane. You can check if the gift basket is at the center by picking up both the sides of the cellophane.
  • Secure both sides of the cellophane to the gift basket with the tape. Let's start first with one side. Do the same with the other side. Don't worry if the cellophane falls down to the sides of the gift basket. That is not unusual. Make sure that the contents of the gift basket are not falling off as you secure the two sides.
  • After doing this, you will find an extra flapping piece of cellophane. Do not leave those open. Fold it in then push it up, making the cellophane the shape of a triangle. Pull up this triangle part and tape it neatly: one tape on each side of the triangle. Make sure that you place the tapes just within the side of the basket, not much higher than that so that the tape will not be visible. Do the same again on the other side of the basket.

Pull up both sides of the cellophane making sure that the front and back sides are straightened out.  Secure the cellophane on the handle of the basket by taping it.

  • Take one long piece of tape. Wrap it around the cellophane put together that is on top of the basket. Circle the cellophane one and a half time to make sure that the cellophane will not loosen out. This part is where you are going to place the ribbon.

To finish it up, you need a yard of ribbon to make a bow.  You can actually opt to use two ribbons, depending on your taste, but, if you're using to ribbons, make sure that their colors will complement each other. 

Wrap the ribbons around the place where you wrapped the tape to secure the cellophane.  See to it that the length of each ribbon is the same on both sides.  Use a stapler to fasten it to its place.  To hide the staple wires, take another piece or pieces of ribbon of about half yard.  Make a bow and staple it on to the part of the other bow where you stapled it before. You're done!


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