How To Write a Book Endorsement

Testimonials, statements and endorsements have proven their importance in the marketing field of a product, most commonly on selling books. Of course we all know that the book cannot sell itself, and the author needs some help, perhaps from someone that is professional on that field. Their statements will give credibility to the author's craft, certify his/her expertise and will eventually push the prospective buyers in buying the book.

These spirited statements are commonly found at the back of the book or on some book cover jackets. Amateur writers collect these enthusiastic endorsements from their families and friends, or from some experts. On the other hand, publishers of professional writer's do all the work in collating endorsements from different well known people.

Here are some things to consider when writing a book endorsement:

  • Search for some book endorsements. Observe its construction and study the techniques used on conciseness. Statements like book endorsements should be brief and concise. Most people use three to four sentences. But for beginners, it's quite hard to fit in everything they want to say in those short sentences.
  • Ask the author about the number of words needed and her deadline. Ask if he/she wants you to focus on something in your testimonial.
  • Start your endorsement with an irresistible incentive that will catch the prospective buyer's attention and will suit their needs. You can write it in a full sentence or just a fragment or phrase.
  • Remember the most powerful part of the book; the one that really caught your attention. Something like the most hilarious, shocking, surprising, or the most horrifying. 
  • You can use your personal experience in expressing your thoughts. A great example would be "I have never encountered anything as eloquent as this one. The author has a great sense of using her language effectively." It can also be expressed in some sense. Here's an example. "I highly recommend this book to fun loving and adventure seeking people."
  • Jot down all the things you want to write on a scratch paper. I suggest that it would be better to enumerate them to highlight the most important parts. Then pick 50 to 75 words, depending on the author's limit, and formulate it as your testimonial.
  • Then add your name, the way you want it to be published in the book, and your title. It would be better if you're title is somewhat related to the plot of the book. If you are also an author, feel free to add some of your works but make sure that you won't put too much. The endorsement is for you to put the spot light on the author, not to outshine him.
  • Give the author a preview on your endorsement. You can discuss the contents with her, and may edit some of the contents if needed. Though most of the time, authors will not take you up on that.

For clarification, a book endorsement is different from a book review. A book review attracts prospective buyers by giving a sneak peak on the book's content while a book endorsement is to certify the author's originality, creativity and credibility.


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