Writing a Cancellation Letter: Professional Business Letter

Learn the Proper Business Letter Format for Cancelling a Service

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There will come a time when you need to cancel some service and a phone call just isn't enough. Your cell phone, magazine subscription or some business service could have you wanting to document your stop-service request without causing further problems. Follow these steps and you'll be able to learn how to write an effective cancellation letter.

Learning to create a concise and professional cancellation letter will help you succeed in your goal.

  1. Check the company's required information. If you are cancelling a service with an automated payment or that originally had a contract then start by reviewing that contract and cancellation procedures. Some companies require sixty day notice, others thirty. Cell phones for example may charge a cancellation fee if you are cancelling before the end of your term of service. Find out what the company requires so you can include it in one letter.
  2. Verify the address and contact person. Before you can send the letter make sure you have the correct address and contact information. A lost or misdirected letter will not be an excuse for your letter never being received or the cancellation not being effective. Writing a letter to terminate a service not only includes the valuable content, but also being sure the letter reaches its destination.
  3. Provide account information and necessary information up front. If there is an account number, reference number or specific contract to reference, make sure you do so when you write a letter. Your information will be lost or delayed without the reference information. Include it in the body of the text and list it at the end of the letter as well so it is easy for the recipient to reference as necessary.
  4. Be honest yet brief. It is important to know how to write a professional letter. Give reasons for why you are requesting the cancellation of service. This does not mean you should make up a story or try for some elaborate explanation. Instead, simply state that you no longer need the service or are no longer interested in continuing the situation or contract. Making progress to resolve the issue will come with knowing how to write a concise letter and keeping it honest without turning it into a lengthy note.
  5. Provide notice and effective date. Even if the contract or agreement you had does not specify a required amount of notice, it is appropriate to provide notice of cancellation. Include a paragraph in the letter that states when the cancellation will go into effect. If you are stopping an agreement that involves payment you must allow enough time for that payment cancellation to be processed or you will have to pay one more payment after the letter is sent.  
  6. Remember to be polite and professional. Regardless of why you are cancelling service you should still write a polite, professional letter. You may be dissatisfied with the product or the customer service but rather than use this letter as a place to complain you can politely mention that the service did not meet your expectations, you were displeased or you found a more appropriate option for your needs. Such statements will let them know you were unhappy without the excessive criticism that will lead the recipient to ignore your letter. If you use the right business letter format when writing a business letter, the recipient will know immediately that you are trying to resolve an issue in a professional manner. The response you receive should reflect that.

Writing a cancellation letter is something you will have to do at some time. Make your notification polite, professional and respectful and you will make a better impression.


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