How To Write a Classification Essay

A classification essay is an essay that presents an idea or topic by sorting it into categories. Such categories should have a logical connection to each other and must fully support the essence of the essay’s topic. There are basic things to be followed in writing a classification essay. Organized categories should reveal the theme of the essay and should support the main topic. Each category, though separated from each other, must follow one logical principle and it must provide example.

Essay writing is inevitable especially for students, but knowing the skill is equally important to professionals who prepare reports or proposals. Essay writing can be a difficult task, but these steps will help you get through it.

1.    Get ready to do the preliminaries. If there is no assigned topic for you to write then you have to decide what topic interests you. It should be a topic that you understand very well so that it would be easier for you to discuss it in your essay. Be clear with your purpose. Ask yourself, why do you want to classify or organize the group of sub-topics?

2.    Purpose Determining your purpose will help you develop your thesis statement and develop it into an essay. Consider also the reader for your essay. Knowing your audience, you will be able to determine your approach in explaining the information you want to convey to them.

3.    Start writing your essay following the classification essay structure.

  • Introduction. An important part of the introduction is the thesis statement. It should be one statement only which should clearly state your topic and the purpose of the essay. The statement should also justify the specific categories chosen for the classification. In writing the introduction, be sure that the main thesis, the classification principle, and the various categories should all be included.
  • Body. This part of your essay is your discussion of the categories you presented in your statement. Start with the category of lesser importance, to create a climactic effect culminating in the most fascinating classification. The discussions presented in each category should support your main topic. Each category should be supported with examples to give strength to your essay.
  • Conclusion. Create a summary of the analyzed categories. Restate also the thesis statement and make a short explanation that will summarize the points you have presented in each of the categories. Make sure that you clarify to your reader what you want them to remember about your essay.

4.    Re-read your essay and make the necessary editing if needed. Editing is important since it is when you re-read your work that some great additional ideas come up. Through editing, you also notice and are given the chance to correct flaws in word choice, sentence structure, as well as the logic of the essay itself.

To help you organize your thoughts and make your writing easier gather information about your topic and organize them chronologically, logically or emphatically. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that relates directly to the statement. Make sure that your discussion in the body fully supports the essay. Use transitional words at the end of each category to help your reader move to the next. With these, you can write a great classification essay in no time.


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