How To Write a Fan Letter

Sending fan letter

Have you ever wanted to be heard by your favorite celebrity? How you love their books, music, performances or beauty! Maybe you have become their fan since you were just a little kid. Perhaps they have become part of your life and you have always dreamed that they would someday recognize you. Then start writing a fan letter by following these steps and get some hints and ideas on how to increase the chance that they respond.

  • Seek out a trusted fan club that can provide you the right contact information on your idol, or you can contact them through their publishing or recording company. You should find the right source that is dedicated and faithful to your favorite icon. Make sure that you obtain their latest address because celebrities travel from different places and sometimes change talent managers. You can try to look for them at the Internet Movie Data Base, or Celebrity Fans.
  • Never send a typewritten letter. Rather make it more personal. Handwritten would be the best. Choose only simple stationary and avoid using pencil for this matter. You can add a picture of yours if you like so they can know you.
  • A fan letter starting with a little something about yourself will be a good idea to let your idol know who you are. You can state your name, your place, your personality, etc. that will help the reader imagine your appearance or make vision of your hobbies.
  • A fan letter doesn’t have any designated format. You are free to write anything about your idol such as the first time you become a fan; what you mostly admire in him/her; etc. Be honest with your words. Nothing beats a simple yet sincere mode of expressing your admiration. You can congratulate him for latest performances so he can know that you are always updated with his projects.
  • Make your idol know the things he did that really moved and molded you and how you want to always be guided by his work. The best way is to relate life events in your past years to his piece of art. For instance, his composition in a mellow tune inspired you as you go through hard trials. Tell him how his work touched your heart and motivated you.
  • Questions are always welcome but know for a fact that he may not reply to your letters, especially if he is a big hit. Understand that he may have just little time to relax and read the bunch of letters sent to him every day. Tell him that if he has some spare time you’d greatly appreciate it if he can respond to your letter.
  • Include a stamped envelope with your address in your letter. This will make it easier for him to respond to your fan mail. You can also ask him for an autograph.
  • End your letter with a wish for the celebrity’s success for his career. You could also consider telling him that you are looking forward to his upcoming work and project. He would highly appreciate it and somehow get more motivation on improving his performance.
  • Now for the finale, sign in your name and send the letter right away.

Admiring someone is your nature and expressing it through a letter is an art. Touch the heart of your star as he has touched yours. Let him enjoy the expression of your admiration as you enjoy his talent, beauty, art, music etc. Let him feel closer to you on a simple, sincere and honest letter.


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