How To Write a Letter of Intent

One of the basic letters that you need to know how to write is the letter of intent. The letter of intent is used for a variety of purposes. You are required to give this letter when applying for certain schools, universities, or other academic programs. There are also a lot of jobs where you will need to supply a letter of intent, apart from a cover letter. Here’s how you can write the letter of intent.

  • Format. First of all, make sure that you use a formal business format for the letter. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing their own fonts, font sizes, and even font color. Some people even use scented papers that are cream or pastel colored. This is wrong, because what you are writing is a business letter. Business letters should always be in plain white paper, using basic formats such as Times New Roman or Arial in font size 12. Usually, the margins are an inch on all sides, and usually you need to write using legal sized paper. As much as possible, the letter of intent should not be longer than a page.
  • Recipient. Next, determine the details of the recipient of the letter. Remember, the letter of intent is usually required from very exclusive programs, institutions, or companies. because of this, you cannot simply write generic headers such as ‘To whom it may concern’ You need to find out the exact name of the official who will read your letter of intent, as well as his titles, and his office address.
  • Introduction. Afterwards, write a brief introduction about yourself. Stick to the basics at this point. For instance, if you are applying for a university, the only details that you need to include are your school and some other academic achievements that may be relevant. If you are applying for a sports scholarship, all you need to include is your team and your position in the team. Do not add unnecessary information, since the letter of intent is not about you, but about your intentions.
  • Purpose. After the introduction, go right into the main topic. Here, you will write about the program you want to avail of, the school or university that you want to enter, or the job offer that you want to try out for. Include how you got to know about the offer, what made you interested, and some basic reasons why you would be fit for the job.
  • Credentials. After the purpose, you need to include some of your credentials, or some of the reasons why you would be an excellent candidate for the program that is being offered. Apart from your credentials, also add a few words as to why you want to join that particular program, institution, or company.
  • Checking. Finally, add your signatory and then check back the entire letter. Look for typographical and grammatical errors, and make sure that the letter is worded correctly and that there is nothing redundant or missing.

With these steps, you should be able to create a letter of intent easily and effectively. With your letter of intent, you should be able to improve your chances of being admitted to the program that you are aiming for.


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