How To Write a Love Letter

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Writing love letter is a great way to be romantic without a lot of expense. There are a few things you should consider before sitting down to write. It is important to remember that a love letter is forever. Once you have decided that your relationship is at a point where you want the other person to be able to read this letter over and over again, you can sit down to write out a romantic and beautiful letter.

Step 1

Choose your paper and your writing tools. While most guys don't have handwriting that they want to share, a love letter really is most romantic when it is carefully handwritten. You will want to choose a practice paper (or more than one if you think you will be particularly messy and need to practice a few times) and then good stationary to write on. I actually suggest choosing a piece of card stock since it will last longer. A good pen can also be a great help in making a beautiful love letter.

Step 2

Open the letter. Writing your letter out on your practice sheet, you will want to choose a greeting. This doesn't have to be flowery or romantic; it can be as simple as "Dear Jim" or "Dear Sally". The only rule about the greeting is that it ought to include his or her name or nickname. "To whom it may concern" is not appropriate here!

Step 3

Choosing your words carefully. You don't have to be a poet to write a good love letter. The most important part of writing a love letter is to say what you feel. Include compliments and praise for the things that your loved one does. Share the things that he or she does that you love (even if they are quirky). Include memories and special knowledge of that person to add additional romance to the letter.

Step 4

Closing the letter. You don't have to be super fancy in closing your letter. "With all my love, Dave" or "Your loving wife, Julie" are easy lines that make good finishes to a love letter.

Step 5

Proofreading. It is important that you proofread your letter. Mistakes can detract from the letter itself. Go back through and read it carefully looking for lines that are hard to read or feel sluggish. Often when trying to be romantic, we add a few too many words. It is better to have something easy and enjoyable to read. You should also check your grammar and your spelling.

Step 6

In your best hand writing write the letter out. On your card-stock with a good pen in hand, you should carefully write out the love letter. You will want it to be in your best handwriting so that it is easily read. If you have some issues with handwriting, you might want to find out how to improve handwriting.

A love letter is a great way to tell someone how you feel and to add a touch of romance to your relationship. You don't have to be a poet, or even a good writer. You just have to be willing to lay it on the line and tell someone else how you feel. Get started, you may surprise yourself!


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