How To Write a Memorial Tribute

A memorial tribute or a eulogy is a carefully prepared speech to honor a person who has passed away and is usually done by a member of the family or one who is a close family friend during funeral services. It may contain several details of the person during his lifetime like his family, his interests and achievements, or his most treasured memories. It may also include some words from scripture or famous quotes. There is need for a eulogy to be perfectly written. What makes it special is the way it is delivered, spoken sincerely and heartfelt.

Here are some suggestions that may help when writing a Memorial tribute for a loved one:

  • You must realize that when you are asked to perform a Eulogy, it is a true privilege. You are assigned the task of bringing back the memory of the deceased into the minds of those who are listening, and giving them a portrait of the person to remember him by. By talking about this, you will be able to evoke several emotions from the listeners, allowing them to go through a healing process or to simply reminisce about beautiful moments shared with the deceased.
  • Try to focus more on the good things to remember the person by. Speaking about the person’s negative traits is definitely the wrong way of delivering this speech. Keep your focus on what is positive. The bereaved are suffering enough from their loss and aggravating the situation by mentioning things that do not speak too well of the deceased ca not help them in any way.
  • Learn more about who the person really was if you are not a direct member of the family. Talk to his closest friends and family members to share their own memories with you so you can put them into words. Ask about the person’s history, what his personal interests were, what he enjoyed doing the most, and other relevant facts that would fit well into your tribute.
  • You may inject some anecdotes at certain points in your speech, those that can bring smiles or laughter to the audience. Eulogies or tributes must not leave people with heavier hearts. A few light moments in your tribute can allow the bereaved a few moments of feeling some relief from the pain of their loss.
  • Keep your speech brief. 5-10 minutes should be ample time to give tribute to the deceased. Coordinate with the minister or funeral director regarding how long you are allowed to speak.

Saying goodbye is never an easy task for anyone and it may be more difficult for you as the speaker to put all your feelings into words. But it can be a rewarding experience for you too, knowing that you were there for the family and friends, sympathizing and condoling with them on their saddest hour. It may take some effort on your part, but ultimately, you will see that all you have done will well be worth it.


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