How To Write a Recipe Book

A recipe book is something that almost every woman wants to have. Some women really love to cook and experiment with their food to come up with their own versions of tested recipes or come up with new ones. And these women are proud of what they have perfected and would love to share it with others. If you have a sizeable collection of recipes lying about your kitchen and drawers, why not compile them and come up with your own recipe book. It is quite easy and you may even give a lot of help to those struggling to come up with new recipes to provide variety to their family meals. Take a look at some tips below.

  • Bring out your collection of recipes and segregate them in different categories. You can make a separate file for appetizers, meat dishes, fish, poultry, pasta, vegetables, salads, soups, desserts. You may even have some recipes for baking cakes, cookies and pastries. How about recipes from your home country if you are a foreigner?
  • Decide which category you would like to concentrate on. You may want to make a combination of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as a section for desserts. Choose a category that you are very familiar with and those that you know have a lot of information and resources you can tap into.
  • Check out your collection and select those that have been favorites by most family members. If you have a collection of recipes for food that you have created yourself, it may be a good idea if you include these, especially those that have earned raves from everyone who have tasted your own recipes.
  • Check with other family members, relatives, friends and neighbors if they have recipes that they would like to share with you. Make sure that those who will contribute to your recipe book will be properly acknowledged. You can also search the web for other recipes which you think will be worthwhile to add. Make sure that these recipes have been tested and have been proven as winners. You have to test all the recipes that you will include in your book. This will make your recipe book an in-demand one.
  • Make sure that all the ingredients for the recipes are listed according to their use. Indicate how the ingredients have to be prepared - chopped, minced, julienned, diced or cubed. You should also indicate if the recipe is to be cooked covered or not; whether it could be made ahead and reheated. Precise measurements should be given and the actual pan and package sizes should be indicated. You should also provide preparation time, cooking/baking time and the number of servings per recipe. Ensure that you have checked all the spelling, give alternate spellings and names to some of the ingredients and if possible provide alternate ingredients. You should also mention if other ingredients are optional.
  • Type your recipes and save them in your hard drive or an external disk drive. You may want to print out a copy and have it reviewed by other people. You may know someone from the school near you who is teaching home economics who might be able to help. Another way is to cook these recipes in batches and arrange for a panel of reviewers to check if the recipes will pass inspection and gain approval.

Decide how you are going to distribute your recipe book. If you only want to share your recipe book as gift to family and friends, printing them in index cards and having them bound with a good, sturdy cover will be fine. You can add embellishments to the cards to make it personalized. If you are thinking of having it printed decide on the layout, color schemes, the cover design and have photographs taken of the finished recipes.


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