How To Write a Screenplay Synopsis

Whether you are promoting a screenplay that you have written to present to film executives or merely completing an assignment from your English teacher, writing a synopsis is not a difficult thing to do. A synopsis for a screenplay is usually a short description of the characters, plot, and other key elements found in the script. Now, you may liken a synopsis to a summary. Yes, they are quite similar however; a synopsis only gives you some details but not the whole story and not the resolution to the conflict. The summary will provide you brief information of the screenplay including the end. In any case, here are some tips on how to write a synopsis.

  • Make it easy to read. The first important tip in writing a synopsis for a screenplay is to make it simple and easy to read. This means that you must refrain from using big words and symbolisms. Remember, the readers may be people that don’t have the witty knack that you are gifted with. Furthermore, directors may read your synopsis especially if you are pitching the screenplay. Make it simple and clear since directors don’t have the time to figure out your play on words.
  • Make the reader want to read the screenplay. The synopsis is not a full summary. This means that you should only include tidbits in your synopsis that will make the reader want to read your screenplay. This will entail a short description of the protagonist, the antagonist, and the conflict. However, do not spoon feed the reader by providing the ending or how the protagonist overcomes the conflict like a summary would. These things being said make sure to include bits of the screenplay that will intrigue and entice the reader to want to get your script and flip it from page to page until he or she reaches the ending. These ideas are especially useful if you are pitching the script to directors, actors, or film producers.
  • Let your friends read the synopsis and the screenplay. Before sending the synopsis of your screenplay to the person you want to pitch it to or the teacher that assigned you the work, whichever is the case, make sure to have it read by some of your friends that can honestly and skillfully provide you constructive criticism. Let them read the synopsis and the screenplay and give critiques for both. Of course, have them focus on the synopsis if the screenplay passes the mark with them. Ask them if the synopsis is enough to make anyone reading it want to read the script.
  • Look for samples. If you don’t know how to start writing your synopsis and how to structure it, then you may want to look for samples and base your writing through them. The Internet is a great way to get some samples to peruse. A good website to check is which is a movie and TV show database and each film or show will have a corresponding synopsis written by professional film critics. Take a gander and learn how to write the synopsis for your screenplay now.

The website is merely one place to check for samples. You can check other websites that offer reviews and promotes films. They will have a lot of samples there as well. Remember, these are written by different people, so make sure to base your writing on those that you think are intriguing, enticing, and well written.



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