How To Write an Essay on Modern Poetry

Poetry is life, they say. It really is a record of not only our life but also the emotions behind those romantic words with rhyme and rhythm. It's no wonder why many inspirational quotes are rooted from famous poetry. Besides this, poetry is also studied in literature classes. Many professors teach romantic and modern poetry through written analysis. Students are required to do an analysis of a poem. Some focus on romantic poetry but most professors require writing to contest and give justice for a modern poem.

If that's the case, to contest and give justice to a modern poetry will be easy as long as you know the right way that a modern poetry essay must be written. Here are the steps:

  1. Don't just read the poem once. Read it several times, even aloud just to understand and understand it more. Every word in a poem means something. So if there is a word that you don't understand, look it up in the dictionary and never depend on the "key words."
  2. Write the poem, paraphrasing the poem. Almost all modern poems have their hidden meanings. Once you have unlocked those, you can finally start understanding the poem in layman's term. If it's difficult for you, try rewriting the poem by stanzas.
  3. Get the poem's theme by generalizing what the author wants to convey. Actually, it's not really important what the author really wants to say through the poem. What really makes sense is how the readers have understood the different stanzas, verses, and words in a modern poem.
  4. Analyze the technique or focus that the author used to convey the general message or the theme. It can be the rhythm, the sound, etc. Mark the patterns and words in the poem that makes you think that it is the technique. Have notes also about your interpretation of the modern poem.
  5. Are there any patterns in the poem that use the technique? You should use that in structuring the essay on modern poetry.
  6. Now that you already know what the modern poem means, reread it and recheck it. There might be some passages that contradict your general theme. If after reading the poem again and the theme appeals the same for you, then that must be the general theme of the poem. You're now ready to write the essay.
  7. Plan the modern poetry essay structure. Use different styles like subtitles, numberings or bullets to make the essay easier to read. You're ready to begin after planning the essay structure.
  8. When you're done writing the essay, edit it. Don't just do the editing once or twice. Read the essay until you have found no other mistake or until you did not make any changes to the paper. You may also ask someone to read the essay to give you an idea of some misunderstood passages.

By writing an essay about modern poetry, you'll surely understand literature and poetry in their deeper sense. It's a good practice for your critical writing, too.


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