How To Write Inspirational Stories

Inspirational stories are very popular. While they may serve as entertainment for others, most people get encouragement from these stories. Writing inspirational stories can be easy. Anyone can do it! It is a rewarding way to share your stories with people who will surely appreciate what you have to say.

Here are a few tips on how to write inspirational stories:

  1. Choose a specific topic. What is your story about? When choosing your topic, you should always remember to write what you know. Writing will not come out very natural if you choose a topic that is foreign to you. It is best to draw from your own personal experiences. This way, the ideas will flow continuously (as will the story). Try looking for certain times in your life when you needed inspiration very badly. These experiences usually make great stories. Make sure you decide on one topic. This will give you a basis for the body of your story.
  2. Do not forget to describe. Description is a powerful tool in writing. It helps your readers visualize and relate to the story. Without a good description, your story will seem lost and pointless. Remember to make use of your five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. They will play important parts in your story. You will not be able to point out your main topic effectively without the use of description. In describing, avoid too much unnecessary information. While describing is a key ingredient to storytelling, you must also remember that describing too much will make your story seem unorganized. Make sure that when you describe, what you are describing is connected still to the main topic you have chosen.
  3. What you feel matters. Describing what you have experienced based on the five senses alone is not enough. You should  describe how you feel. Writing that you merely felt sad or lonely or happy will not do the story justice. It is best to elaborate on emotions, as they are very complex. Thus, they add color and variety to the story. Emotions help make a connection to the readers. They will be able to relate to these emotions, or empathize with you. This is the magic of inspirational stories. Describing your emotions on paper is like confiding to all your readers, and them confiding in you.
  4. Always establish a persona. This is  a crucial part of your inspirational story, which will help your readers better understand the story, as well as relate to the experience.

Writers often use inspirational stories as an outlet. The stories can come from you, your friend, or a family member. The important thing, when writing inspirational stories, is that you write about an experience that has touched or affected you in some way. Inspirational stories are relatable and very uplifting. The good thing is that anyone can write them. Keep in mind these simple tips and you’ll be writing exceptional inspirational stories in no time.


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