How To Knit Mittens

Knitting is one good way to spend your spare time. Especially when you are preparing for the winter, what can be better than making yourself or your loved ones a pair of mittens?
As long as you know the basics of knitting, you can easily finish the project. Just follow these instructions for your do-it-yourself mitten project.

  1. Prepare the necessary knitting materials. Make sure you have the following: a skein of yarn, double-pointed knitting needles, stitch holders, stitch markers or paper clips, and a hand template.
  2. Create your unique hand pattern. You can get the pattern if you trace your hand with the fingers held together except the thumb, which needs to be slightly extended. Draw an arc just around the tip of your fingers with at least one-fourth inch allowance in the side of the fingers.

Once you have done these first two steps, then you are ready to knit. Follow these simple instructions and you'll have completed your set of mittens in no time!

Finger Pocket

  1. With the use of the double-pointed knitting needles, you need to make figure-eight casts on the stitches. Just be reminded that the question of how pointed you want your mitten to appear is dependent on how many casts you made.
  2. Then, you need to knit a row around. After you finish the row, you can start to work on row number two. You need to add four stitches on every row that you will be making.
  3. Once in a while, you need to compare the project that you are doing to the template or pattern which you made earlier.
  4. Work on a number or rows and stitches until the desired width of the mitten is reached. When that is done, you need to mark with a stitch marker the last stitch increase that you have made.
  5. Continue knitting until such time that you are in the spot of the thumb in the pattern. Place what you have done on a stitch holder before moving on to the thumb.


  1. In each needle, cast two stitches using a cast-on that is figure-eight. Begin knitting and increase stitching every two rows by two stitches until the thumb area is wide enough to comfortable accommodate your thumb.
  2. Place the finger pocket that you did earlier back onto the needles. Join the thumb area to one of the edges, whether right or left, with four complete stitches. Make sure to line the thumb up with the finger pocket.
  3. When you finish connecting the thumb and finger pocket, you need to mark the row’s beginning. You can now make a thumb gusset through decreasing one stitch every three rows.


  1. Knit some stitches until the mitten’s palm reaches the end of the palm area in the template.
  2. Knit another couple of rows once the palm’s base in the template is reached. Then, weave in ribbing just until you reach the desired length of the cuff. Afterward, bind off.
  3. Make a final knit in the ends.

After following these instructions, you will have completed your first mitten! You can repeat the process above to complete the second half of your pair. Though this may be time-consuming, the whole process will actually be easier once you master how to do the mittens. You can even experiment on the colors by getting more advanced knitting patterns. Enjoy a warm winter with your homemade mittens!


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