How To Knit Scarves

Knitting is one of the most relaxing hobbies around, and knitting scarves is one of the easiest, quickest ways to get into the knitting craze. Knit scarves take less time to make than other knitted garments, they usually use a lot less yarn, and they're stylish and fashionable, too. So here's how to start knitting scarves for winter, spring, or fall, and discover how much fun it is to knit!

Knitting scarves is really easy. If you choose a novelty yarn, like eyelash or fur yarn, just cast on as many stitches as you want the scarf to be wide, and knit every row (this is called the garter stitch). Knit until your yarn is almost used up, bind off your stitches, weave in the ends, and you've created your first knitted scarf. This is the simplest form of knit scarf, but there are many more out there.

To knit more demanding knit scarves, look for patterns online. There are many free patterns which are easy to find and fun to knit. Look for patterns that have some shaping or detail that you like, and don't use a lot of yarn for your first projects. Most patterns for knit scarves tell you if you need to be a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced knitter to knit them. If you're a beginner, look for beginner or easy patterns to get started or you may get discouraged and not finish your project.

Shorter, visually interesting knit scarves are all the rage this season, and these scarves usually are quick to knit and don't use as much yarn as longer scarves. You can sometimes complete one of these shorter scarves with only one ball of yarn, which is a real money saver during tough economic times. These scarves use detail and stitch patterns to add interest, and there are more patterns for them showing up all the time.

Lacy, lightweight scarves are beautiful to look at, but they are more demanding for the knitter. If you're a beginner, don't start with a lace pattern as it may be more demanding than your new skills are ready for. If you're an experienced knitter who wants to learn lace knitting, it makes sense to start with a scarf pattern, because it's smaller and easier to learn the complexities of lace knitting.

Knit scarves are fun to knit, and they make great gifts at any time of the year. If you'd like to learn to knit, start with some clear instructions and make an easy scarf. Chances are, you'll catch the knitting bug and never want to turn back.


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