How To Make a Friendship Bracelet

When was the last time you told a friend how much he or she means to you?  When was the last time you showed them you valued their friendship?  A Friendship Bracelet is a wonderful way to show a good friend that their presence in your life makes a difference. Instead of a cookie-cutter item purchased at retail, your friend will enjoy an item that you personally designed and handcrafted. Here's how to make a friendship bracelet.

  1. Visit your local craft or sewing store to purchase embroidery thread in at least two or as many as four different colors to help create a candy-stripe effect on the bracelet.  For a thin bracelet, work with two different color threads, and for a wider bracelet, use as many as eight different colored threads. An ideal size bracelet is usually eight strands of thread (four different colors using two threads each). 
  2. Measure out a length of thread from the first color equal to twice around your wrist before cutting. 
  3. Do likewise with all the other colors you'll be using, and gather these strands together by tying a knot at the top.
  4. Take the far left string and make a forward knot, pulling the first string through the opening to the others, pulling up to tighten and make a knot.
  5. Repeat this step again on the same string.
  6. Now pull the first string over to the right and follow the above steps and repeat for each color of your string to finish your first row.
  7. Start the next row using the string to the far left, and keep repeating the above process until the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist comfortably without pinching.
  8. Now tie the loose end of the finished bracelet with a square knot, the same knot you used to tie all the strands together when you started the bracelet.

To prevent the bracelet threads from getting tangled as you work, you can attach the threads to a 3 by 5 inch piece of cardboard that has notches on the end so you keep the threads in order while you are creating each row. To strengthen the threads while working on them, pull the threads through warm melted candle wax to strengthen them a bit.

You can make your Friendship Bracelet as fancy as you want by slipping beads or other charms onto the bracelet and securing with thread. It's traditional to tie the Friendship Bracelet onto your friend's wrist, and they can wear it until it falls off. Some people even make a wish on a Friendship Bracelet, knowing that once the bracelet falls off, the wish will come true.


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