How To Make a Homemade Pen Gun

Pen guns are simple and easy to make.  This is the perfect way to turn your old dried up ballpoint pens into an entertaining toy.  Kids all over have been making these powerful little shooters for a long time for fun and for causing annoyance and disruption in classrooms. Follow these instructions to learn how to make the ultimate, powerful little pen gun for yourself and your friends.

  1. Gather your supplies.  You will need one basic click pen, one thick rubber band, one regular rubber band (can be thin or thick, non-consequential), and a pair of good sharp scissors or wire cutters.
  2. You must first take apart the click pen by removing the top and the bottom pieces so that the tube is separate.  The tube will serve as the barrel for the gun.
  3. With your scissors or wire cutters, cut the thick rubber band.  Now that the thick rubber band is cut, place it over one end of the pen tube and along both sides, making sure it hangs evenly along either side of the tube.  Leave some slack at the top of the opening covered by the thick rubber band, because this will become your trigger, and you will be pulling on it.
  4. Now secure the thick rubber band with the other rubber band by wrapping it around the pen and thick rubber band closer to the trigger end than further from it.  Continue to wrap and twist the rubber band around the pen until the thick rubber band is securely tightened around the pen tube and you are sure the thick rubber band won’t come off when the trigger is pulled.
  5. Trim the excess parts of the thick rubber band with your scissors or wire cutters.  Your pen gun is now ready to load and shoot!
  6. Load the pen gun by placing the ink cylinder into the pen tube/barrel.  Shift the tube so that you can grab the ink cylinder on your trigger end, where you attached the thick rubber band.  Using your fingers, grab the ink cylinder with the rubber band, pull back and release.

You have now made the ultimate pen gun.  You will think twice now before just tossing out your old dried up pens.  Be careful with this little pen, as it may look small, but it is very powerful.  Don’t point this at any person or pet.  The pen is still mightier than the sword!


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