How To Make a Personalized Puzzle

Puzzle games offer timeless entertainment that transcends even the largest generational gaps, but you can still put a new spin on an old tradition by adding unique, customized touches.  Personalized puzzles allow you to create memories with family and friends, while providing the perfect activity for parties, classrooms, libraries, and kid-oriented businesses.  With the availability of numerous online puzzle maker services, making a personalized jigsaw, crossword, or word search can be quick, affordable and hassle-free.

  1. A quick online search will lead you to many types of puzzle generators, but you should decide what type of puzzle you want to make before beginning your search.  There are mazes, word games, and number puzzles, such as math squares, cryptograms, and word searches that can be produced using customized themes and word lists.  Other popular options include photo jigsaw puzzles or jigsaws that incorporate names and various types of unique information.
  2. The type of puzzle you choose will determine the services and options available to you.  Simple puzzles, such as mazes and word games are often offered at no cost at fun websites like Discovery Education Puzzlemaker once you supply the word list and any other required information.  Afterwards, you can print them out and distribute them to students, party guests, and customers.
  3. To make a jigsaw puzzle you must provide the necessary information or upload a photo, depending on the type of puzzle.  You can capture memorable moments by using pictures of friends and family, your annual vacation spot, your pets, and even scenes from your favorite movies and television shows.  Online you will find sites such as Piczzle, Jigsaw2Order, and Jigsaw Planet that can generate enjoyable, high-quality puzzles in no time!
  4. With personalized jigsaw puzzles you have the choice of purchasing a personal copy or making virtual versions online free of charge.  Virtual puzzles are typically intended for one-time online use, while purchased puzzles can be solved again and again with friends and family.  When you purchase a photo jigsaw, there may also be limitations on the types of photos allowed for use, such as copyrighted material or inappropriate content.  Review all restrictions before you decide on the right puzzle making services.
  5. The only thing left to do is to settle the details.  Jigsaws are sold in various sizes, shapes, and with a variety of puzzle piece designs.  Compare prices and options offered by different sites, then go with the manufacturer that gives you the most for your money.  Once you’re finished, you’ll have a great personalized puzzle to liven up any occasion.



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