How To Make a Scrapbook Photo Album

Whether it is celebrating a new baby, the first day of school or a wedding, photographs are the best way to capture the most memorable moments that occur during a lifetime.  Photographs not only capture today's events, but also hold the legacy of past events.

The best way to preserve and enjoy your photos is by making a scrapbook photo album.  It's easy to get started making a scrapbook photo album.  You will want to begin by choosing the photos you want to use in your scrapbook.  You can choose a particular theme, such as the baby years, birthdays or summer pictures.  Or, choose to make a scrapbook photo album from a specific event, including a trip to the zoo, vacation or religious ceremony.

  1. Once you have your pictures chosen, order them according to date, starting with the oldest pictures.
  2. Next choose your album based on how many pictures you have.  Some scrapbook photo albums are made to fit lots of pictures, while others are made to hold just a few creative pages.
  3. You will now need all of the stickers, embellishments and paper to make your scrapbook photo album with.  There is a wide variety of things to choose from to bring your scrapbook album to life.  In order to help save money, check for sales and coupons where you can purchase stickers and embellishments for less.  Or choose to buy a themed scrapbook bundle so that all of your items come in one convenient package.
  4. Now you will want to begin brainstorming how you want your scrapbook photo album to look.  Gently place pictures and the embellishments on the corresponding paper.  Once you have completed the look of all your pages, gently glue or tape them down onto the paper.  The best choices to use to help preserve your photographs are photo glue or tape.  These will lock your pictures in place, without causing bubbling or warping.
  5. Complete your photo album with the desired stickers and embellishments.  You can also add wording that describes the events and dates in the pictures.
  6. For a finishing touch, slide the completed pages into the sleeves provided with the scrapbook.  This will help to protect the pictures from fingerprints and dirt while people are looking through the pages.  Making a scrapbook photo album is a rewarding experience, as when you've completed the project, you have something memorable on hand.  Be sure to share your scrapbook with family and friends.


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