How To Make Easy Homemade Fireworks

Whether homemade or store bought, fireworks have always been a symbol of celebrations. They are dangerous not only to children but also to adults and should be handled with care. Never shoot a firework close to homes, trees or other large boundaries and never shoot them close to a human being. Every state and city has strict ordinances or laws that may forbid the shooting of fireworks or the shooting of fireworks inside certain boundaries. Here's how to make homemade fireworks with some simple steps.

Different styles of fireworks may require different materials that may not be found around the home. This article contains instructions for one of the simplest ways to make a homemade firework. This basic style is called a roman candle. Although it is not an air born firework, it can be equally dangerous and easily as exciting and fun to watch.

  1. Reinforce a 1/2 inch thick model rocket tube with many layers of paper and masking tape in order to insure that the tube does not explode.
  2. Then, seal one end of the tube with about 1/2 inch of epoxy. Epoxy is a natural adhesive that can be more effective than super glue. It can bond almost any two things together and have a lasting hold.
  3. Poke a hole in the space just above the lowest layer of epoxy. Insert a fuse that fits tightly into the hole and won't easily slip in or out of the tube.
  4. Fill the tube with about one inch of gunpowder. Make a ball with a volume ratio of about 60% powder from two six inch sparklers of your desired color and 20% prodded to the top of the gunpowder. This ball can be made by taking the powder of the sparklers, the prodded and then slowly added drops of water until it is made into a thick, moldable paste.
  5. Mold into a ball big enough to fill the tube and let dry. Once, dry slides the ball into the tube. Put a wad of tissue paper on top of the ball into the tube and pack it down gently with a pencil.
  6. Put the tube in a hole in the ground. Light the fuse and run. There should be a shot of colored fire about thirty feet in the air. There can be variations by adding gunpowder and/or lengthening the tube you use.


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