How To Make Fireworks

Fireworks are very cheap and easy to make. If you have an interest in making your own fireworks or you cannot get fireworks in your area, you can quickly learn how to make fireworks.

The materials needed are very common and should be gathered before beginning to assemble the fireworks. Transparent tape, a needle, a fuse and toy gun caps are all that is needed to begin making fireworks.

  1. First, you need to get the powder out of the gun caps. Insert the needle into the back of the cap and push it through to the front. Take the needle out and then place it into the front where the hole is located. Get the powder out of the cap by tapping the cap onto the area you are working. You will need to work carefully to keep the cap from popping.
  2. Then take a piece of the transparent tape and use the sticky side of the tape to pick up the gunpowder. The tape should be coated with the black powder.
  3. Next, take about two inches of the fuse and place it so it is sticking on half of the tape. Wrap the tape around. Then take another couple of inches of tape to wrap the firecracker. If the bottom is not covered, you will end up with a rocket instead of a popping firecracker.
  4. If this seems to be too complicated, you can always scale this down. Get a piece of paper, about a two inch piece, and fold it lengthwise. Then take the gunpowder and pour inside the fold. You can then wrap this paper around your two inch fuse. Any type of tape will work in securing the paper around the fuse.
  5. Now that you have put together your own firecracker, it is time to light it up. The same precautions go for this as for any other fireworks. Be sure that you are lighting it on a surface that is fire resistant. Keep people and pets away when you are lighting. Dogs do not even like the noise so put them inside where they can be safe. Do not leave the firecracker in your hand as you are lighting it.

When you learn to make fireworks you will save money by assembling a few common items and not paying store prices. Obviously the more gunpowder added the more of a "bang" you will get. Be safe when making them and have fun.


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