How To Make Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry always says something about the person wearing it. It is one thing that defines a person and makes them stand out. If jewelry defines a person, why shouldn't the box do the same? Why shouldn't the box resemble the jewelry inside it? Here's how to make a jewelry box and show your crafty side. It is a chance to be creative and have fun.

The style of box you use is the base for your lovely jewelry box creation. You can either buy boxes already made or make your own depending on how crafty you choose to be. If you choose to make the box do not forget to make dividers for your different types of jewelry. Jewelry boxes do not have to be any specific size or shape so all that is completely up to your taste.

If you are making your jewelry box out of wood you may also choose to carve some design into it. Simply use a sharp knife, but be careful and do not allow children to do this.

Next, you can choose any paint color. Painting the box is the fun part, especially for children who love to express their creative abilities. For best results, use paint made for the material of your box. It is strongly recommended that you do not paint the bottom of the box unless the rest is completely dry. Signing the bottom of the box is a nice touch as well.

If you have old jewels that you never where you may also incorporate that into the box. For example, if you have a necklace chain you never use you can glue it on the edges to add a little jewel look to the box. The glue you use for this would depend on the type of box you are using.

While making the box, remember to be creative. Have fun putting whatever you want into your jewelry box to make it all your own. If you want to put writing on your box feel free to do so. If you want to glue a little ballerina inside the box do it. It's your jewelry box and it should be your style.

Before using the box wait until it is completely dry and clean on the inside and out. Once the box is ready you may then enjoy storing your jewelry in your creative work of art.


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