How To Make Origami Weapons

Making origami weapons is an art of folding paper to make a wide variety of weapons. Origami comes from the Japanese word orikami; ori means paper, and kami means fold. It is an activity that was handed down from parents to children. A square paper is usually used in making origami weapons, but you can also add additional resources to design the origami weapons. Before, children in Japan went to school to learn the art of origami, but today it can be learned at home in minutes. During the 12th century in Japan, the warriors used origami as a way of worship during Shinto services.

Learning how to make origami weapons is a great past time for children and adults. There are benefits that you can get from making origami weapons. Making origami weapons can be a stress release, an excellent party decoration for children’s parties or other celebrations, and admirable props for a school play or any presentation. Instead of buying toys that are made of plastic that can be broken or sometimes misplaced, teach children to make origami weapons. There are fewer expenses because children can include having an origami weapon making session as a part of their playtime. It will educate the children to reuse, and appreciate small things. It will also help children in developing their hand and eye coordination.

Even if origami weapons are made of paper, teach the children to observe safety precautions, because they can scratch the skin, and hurt the eyes of the other playmates. Origami weapons can have sharp edges.

There are varieties of weapons that can be made, such as a shuriken ninja weapon, a gun, a foldable knife, a fighter plane, and a lot more. There are also origami helmets and shields.

Making different types of origami weapons can impress your friends. By practicing a lot, you can make different models of weapons. The folding steps to make an origami weapons have different ranges, starting from the easy models to the more difficult folding techniques. Origami weapons traditionally shouldn’t be punctured, cut, stapled or taped.

In making an origami weapon, use a color that will best represent a weapon—colors like black, metallic colors, and gray. Using different textures and types of paper will enhance the look of your origami weapons. Double check the size of the paper that you need, as square paper is not always applicable. Fold the paper carefully to make sharp edges, and run the fingertips several times into the creases. And the most important thing is to follow instructions carefully. Use your imagination as you develop your skills.  You can also develop new models and an original new craft.

Making origami weapons is fun. It feels good to see an ordinary piece of paper turned into something else without the use of a glue. Learn to fold ordinary paper in unique ways to form a variety of weapons. Making origami weapons is a great hobby.


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