How To Make Your Own Beaded Necklace

Making your own necklace is an exciting project, since you get to choose the style and the beads you will use. You can create necklaces that will fit all your outfits, from ragged shirts to formal and cocktail dresses, to school or office uniforms. There are a lot of beads to consider: beads made of wood, crystals, plastic, pearls, seeds, stones or metallic designs. You can also recycle old necklaces by using the beads to create a new one. Mix and match colors and add a charm or pendant to add an accent.

The materials for making a beaded necklace are: beads of your choice, nylon string or metal wire, crimp beads to keep the ends of the strings in place, and crimping pliers to bend wires and crimp beads in place. It is best to have a table to work on.

To make your necklace, follow these simple steps:

  1. Plan the design of your necklace. Depending on the design, choose the appropriate string or wire you will use. Also choose the kind of clasp you will use, since there are several designs to choose from.
  2. Cut the string to your desired length. You can put the wire around your neck to measure, and then add around 5 inches more to make room for adjustments.
  3. Depending on the design, you can secure the clasp at one end first, then fill the string with beads and secure the other end. If the necklace has a charm at the middle, you can secure the charm with a jewelry bale in the middle first, and then place beads one at a time at each end of the string to make sure it is symmetrical.
  4. Secure the ends of the string with a cramp bead by using crimping pliers. Ordinary long nose pliers can also be used, but it is more convenient to use crimping pliers.
  5. If you have a stainless steel chain, you can secure charms on it instead and come up with an elegant necklace.

In designing your necklace, it is best to choose bigger beads for longer necklaces, and smaller beads for chokers and shorter ones. Long necklaces usually do not have pendants.

The prospect of choosing a pendant is also fun. You can even create a generic necklace where its pendant can be changed, so you can shift from a heart pendant to a stone charm without having two different necklaces.

Another fashionable design is the necklace with a floating illusion effect. These are made of nylon strings that seem invisible from afar, and the strings are not totally filled with beads, so the bare nylon string seems to fade from a distance and only the beads can be seen. For this design, the beads are secured by tying a knot at both sides of each bead, then leaving around an inch or more of bare string, before inserting the next bead.

Other materials you can use for necklaces are seashells, corals and small pieces of driftwood.


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