How To Make Your Own Funny Video Clips and Movies

More and more people are starting to enjoy amateur filming due to the excessive popularity of video hosting sites such as YouTube, which has sent a lot of people to stardom. In addition, there are also some who have experienced the potential earning capacity of sending their own funny video clip to shows such as America's Funniest Home Videos. If you're one of those people who want to make your own funny clips or movies, either to share it with other people online, or to earn a few bucks, then it's time to start generating your own.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is of course - film your clip. Any device that can save files in video format will do. You can use your cellular phone, PDA, laptop, webcam, digital camera, or video camera. As much as possible, make your video clips or movies as realistic as possible. A naturally filmed sequence has the potential to gain more laughs especially if you're filming a ridiculous situation. However, if you plan to film something that is interestingly funny, such as a talking cat or a biker dog, you're also free to do so. Be careful if the content of your video is already bordering on mature content. No matter how funny, a video like this has a greater chance of getting restricted viewing, or being banned.
  2. Once you have your clip ready, the next thing you have to do is to transfer them to your computer. Most gadgets today such as cellular phones have USB connectors for easy transfer of files. If, however, you used the old fashion video camera, there's no problem as most of them usually come with jacks and ports that can be easily connected to a computer. If you're a kid trying out these things, it is best that you have an adult to help you go over with setting up the ports and devices, especially if it is your first time doing so. This will ensure your security, as well as the condition of your filming gadget, like a video camera.
  3. After transferring your file to your computer or laptop, the next thing to do is to have video editing software. With this, you can make the quality of your clip better, or add music, subtitles or dubs to make the movie funnier. You can also enhance the audio of the movie clip to make your viewers appreciate it better. Once you're finished editing, you can choose to preview the film where you can watch your finished product to see if it needs more editing. From here, you can save your funny video to any output that you need for your use, whether it is in an mp3, avi or mp4 format. Afterwards, you can save it in your hard drive or burn it in a disc.
  4. Once you have the finished your movie, just choose from a variety of free movie hosting sites available. Among them are PutFile,, ZippyVideos, DropShots, PhotoBucket, GoogleVideoUpload, TinyPic, Clipshack, and YouTube.
  5. The next step? Well, enjoy your funny movie clip as you need it. Whether you want to post it in a video hosting website to share it with your friends and the rest of the world or, you want to send it as an entry to television shows that ask for these types of movies, you're free to do so. Either way, making your own funny clips or movies is worth it in laughs.


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