How To Make a Kitchen Knife Block

Want to keep your kitchen knives sharp, safe, and organized? Why not make your own kitchen knife block? It is both easy and economical. You can even customize your kitchen knife block to the sizes of all your kitchen knives instead of looking all over stores for the knife block with the perfect fit. Just follow these simple steps carefully.


  • a big block of red oak or solid maple wood
  • a piece of sandpaper
  • hardware glue
  • four flathead wood screws


  • clamps
  • a hand drill
  • a hand saw
  • a measuring tape or ruler
  • a pencil (to mark points to cut and drill)


1.    Cut the wood first. Get the correct measurements for every block of wood that you use and cut according to specifications.

Wood measurements and specifications: length, width, and thickness (measurement by inches and millimeters)
Primary block: 55” x 5 ¼” x ¾” (1397mm x 133mm x 19mm)
Primary block end: 12” x 5 ¼” x ½” (305mm x 133mm x 13mm)

2.    Divide the primary block into five equal pieces. Use the hand saw to do this and cut two slots into each of these five pieces of primary blocks. Then use a wood chisel to carve out all the extra wood. Make the slots ¼” or 6mm deep. You should cut the slots in the middle of each block, and make sure that the distance between the slot and the end of the block is equal on both sides. You will be basing the width of each slot on the average width of your knives so that you can store your kitchen cutlery easily. However, if you want to, you can also tailor each slot according to the width of all of the knives you want to put into the block so that you will have an exact fit for your knife set—everything from your butcher’s knife and utility knife to your bread knife and even ceramic knives. Remember not to cut slots in the primary block end.

3.    Glue together the five primary blocks. Then glue the primary block end to the opposite end of the primary blocks with slots. Clamp these together and leave overnight to let the glue dry and take effect.

4.    Smooth the fitted blocks of wood with sandpaper. You can either use the knife block as it is, mount it under a kitchen cabinet or shelf, or add supporting blocks. If you want to lessen the clutter on your countertop and keep your knives away from your children, you can choose to mount it under a kitchen cabinet. Make a tracing of your knife block on the exact spot under your kitchen cabinet where you want to mount it. Go half an inch inside from the outline of the block and drill four shank holes into the cabinet. Hold the block to its outline (hold it in place) and mark position of the holes for the block through the holes from the cabinet. Drill the holes for the block. Attach the knife block to the underside of the cabinet with flathead screws. Not only is a kitchen block the best thing to keep your knives clean, and organized, and out of easy reach from children, it also acts as a natural knife sharpener. Your homemade and customized kitchen knife block will surely be as valuable as any of those sold on the market claiming to have rave reviews and ratings.


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