How To Make Your Own Stun Gun

Who hasn't dreamed of learning how to make their own stun gun?  Well, while this little zapper (thankfully) won't pack the punch of the real deal, it's sure to give pause to a would-be attacker.  The best part is, it's incredibly easy -- just be careful!

First, you need to gather your supplies.  All you need to make your own stun gun are the following:  a disposable camera, a paperclip, needle nose pliers, and a flathead screwdriver.  If you don't have these items around, they are easily available at any department store.

To begin constructing your stun gun, score the perimeter of your disposable camera with your flathead screwdriver, then carefully pry open the shell of the camera, making sure not to damage the interior.  Then remove the battery so as not to shock yourself while making your stun gun.

Next, use your pliers to flatten the paper clip, then split it in half by repeat bending with the pliers (if you have wire cutters, that would work fine too, but aren't necessary).  These wires will form the "zappers" of your stun gun.

Carefully pull up (but not out) the guts of the camera to locate the capacitor.  On one side you will see a little box with two wires sticking out.  This is the capacitor -- the source of power for your stun gun.  Using your pliers, crimp the end of each paperclip on to the end of each capacitor lead.  Make sure the clips are pointed outwards of the side of the camera.

Although this is a fun and easy project, it's important to remember that while fun and easy, this is not a toy.  Although unlikely to do any real damage, you could definitely hurt yourself or someone else.

Once your wires are secured, replace the battery in the camera, being very cautious not to touch the wires as you are doing so.  Then refit the face of the camera over the back with the two paper clip wires extending from the side.  And you're done!

To test your stun gun, hold down the flash button to charge, and then touch the wires with your screwdriver.  If you did everything right, sparks should fly!

Making a stun gun is a fun and easy project, but even so, this is not a toy and could easily hurt you or someone else.  As with all weapons, always exercise caution and common sense.


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