How To Make Flowers out of Cupcake Holders for Scrapbooking

The hobby of scrapbooking is a popular trend among women, young and old. It brings out their creative sides and allows them to display treasured moments in a beautifully hand-made way. There are many creative processes for adding creativity to your scrapbook pages or hand-made cards, such as adding 3D flowers. This guide will help scrapbookers to make flowers out of cupcake holders.

Step 1

Buy some cupcake holders. The first step to making flowers out of cupcake holders for scrapbooking is to purchase cupcake holders. Take a trip to your local craft store or baking section of your favorite grocery store. Look for the smaller cupcake holders (although larger ones will do.) Choose a cupcake holder that has a design that you like. And purchase some white cupcake holders as well, of the same size as the designed ones you picked up. You can use all while cupcake holders to make these scrapbooking flowers, but you'll have to decorate and embellish them yourself in order to make them look like flowers. It is just easier to buy the pre-patterned cupcake holders.

Step 2

Decide on the size of the petals for your flower. Each cupcake holder has tiny ridges down the side of it. (As a child, you'll remember that these ridges always held back the sides of your cupcake while you anxiously tried to get every morsel of cupcake out of those cracks!) Well, now these cupcake holder ridges are going to make all the difference on your next scrapbooking page. Choose the size of the petals you want to make on your cupcake flowers by deciding how many ridges wide each petal should be. A good size is about 2 ridges wide, but you can vary your cupcake holder petal sizes to suit your preference.

Step 3

Cut your cupcake holder into a flower. This is the only physical step to making a cupcake holder for scrapbooking, and you'll love how easy it is. Simply use a pair of sharp scissors to cut down the ridges of your cupcake holder, remembering to space your cuts according to your preferred size of petals. If you want your petals to be 2 ridges wide, then cut every other ridge on your cup cake holder. Continue to make these cuts, from the top of the cupcake holder all the way to the round base of the cupcake holder, all the way around.

Step 4

Consider layering your scrapbooking flower. For a funky 3D look, consider adding more than one layer of cupcake flower to your next scrapbooking page. Use some white cupcake holders along with ones that have different designs and glue them all together (on top of one another) to make your scrapbooking flower pop.

Step 5

Attach your cupcake holder flower. Now that you've created your cupcake holder flower, it's time to attach it to your scrapbooking project. Using some glue, stick the flower to your scrapbook page or hand-made card. Embellish the center of the cupcake holder with a button or a stamp. You can even curl some of the petals of your cupcake holder flower to make for a truly unique scrapbooking project.


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