How To Make Guest Soap for the Holidays

Holidays are times when you expect a lot of visitors to come to your house and celebrate the occasion with you.  Some of these guests stay only for a day, but those who come from far-flung areas have no choice but to stay the night (especially when it's snowing hard!).  To make your guests feel at home, why not make guest soaps for them?  These are miniature versions of your regular soap that can be used for a short amount of time only.  It's a perfect way of making your guest feel at home and saving on money for soap.  Or if you're on a tight budget for gifts, you can send these to your friends as well!

  1. Materials.  In making soap, all you need are soap flakes, water, a mixing bowl, a spoon, food coloring of your choice, soap scents, decorations, and holiday-shaped cookie cutters.  You can pick up soap flakes from your local supermarket, as well as food coloring and soap scents.  Other ingredients and materials can easily be found in your kitchen.
  2. Mix the ingredients.  Start by mixing all the ingredients.  Pour the soap flakes into the mixing bowl, carefully measuring the amount based on your desired number of bars.  Two cups of soap flakes may be enough to cover guests for the holidays, but if you're sending them out as gifts, you might want to add more.  Then, measure about a quarter of a cup of water and put a few drops of food coloring into it until you've reached your desired color.  Pour this solution into the mixing bowl and mix with the soap flakes thoroughly.  Add a few drops of your choice scent and mix again.
  3. Cut the soap into shape.  Once the soap flakes have absorbed the water, it will harden a bit.  Put the mixed soap flakes onto a wide-open area on your counter-top and form a slab out of it, minding the thickness of the slab to match your desired thickness.  Once you've firmed up the slab, use your holiday-themed cookie cutters in cutting the shapes out of the slab.
  4. Decorate the soap.  Leave the soap to dry and harden for a day or two.  Once hard enough, you can start decorating.  Grab a bar of soap and dip one side into hot water in order to soften it.  Once soft enough, stick your desired decorations on the face of the soap--it could be photos, stickers or little trinkets that remind you of the holiday occasion.  Be creative!  Use your imagination in the wildest way possible, and you may just create a masterpiece.

Remember to be as creative as you can be.  The outcome of your holiday soap is up to you, so make sure to make it extra special.  You just might put a big smile on your friends' faces when they see the soap you personally made for them.  Nothing beats a thing that comes from the heart, right?


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